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5 Ways to Fireproof Your Home

Fires are terrifying but they are a pretty common occurrence if you’re not careful. According to the USFA, there were 376,000 house fires. Around 50% of these fires were caused by incidents in the kitchen. Other causes include heating, electrical malfunction, and carelessness.

Accidents happen and there’s not much we can do to prevent it since we don’t know when it’s about to happen. However, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent fires in your home to reduce the chances of a fire ever happening.

image - 5 Ways to Fireproof Your Home
5 Ways to Fireproof Your Home

Fires, big or small cause considerable damage, and prevention should be taken seriously. Fire damage is substantial and will take a lot of work to clean up. The smoke from the fire often leaves residue and the longer it is left alone, the more damage it will cause.

Also, the costs for a fire damage restoration can be expensive (depending on the damage). So we think it’s a great idea to take precautionary measures to prevent extensive damage from a fire.

The good news is, you don’t have to do a lot to fireproof your home. You might be surprised at how simple it is to keep your home safe from fires.

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1. Inspect Your Electrical Equipment

Your power sockets and other electrical equipment in your house are often overlooked. They’re usually hidden behind your television set or a table. Although they look sturdy, it’s important to inspect them from time to time.

A damaged power socket or electrical equipment is usually caused by faulty wiring or damaged circuitry in a home. These issues can cause house fires.

To prevent this from happening, you can reduce the chances of faulty wiring or damaged circuits by making sure that all of your electrical equipment is updated and is safe to use. If you are unsure, you can hire a professional to take a look at your home.

2. Beware of Flammable Materials

Heating systems are able to cause fires but they usually involve open fires or other flammable materials. For example, homes with a basement furnace tend to be at risk for fires since they have a capacity for the heat to cause fires even without a spark.

So, to prevent this, we suggest that you take a look at your flammable materials and store them in a safer place that has no heating systems and far away from electrical appliances.

Simply look for a cool and well-ventilated space to store your flammable materials in. Another thing you can do is put the materials in disposable containers and keep them closed. Avoid putting them in close proximity to incompatible materials such as oxidizers.

Lastly, keep the spot cool and dry. We also recommend checking on your flammable materials once in a while.

The presence in a basement of flammable materials means that even a small spark can cause major damage. So, it’s important to be extremely careful and take precautions to protect yourself from potential damage.

3. Be Careful Where You Place Your Appliances

Just like electrical equipment, your appliances are also prone to malfunctions if it becomes outdated. This can be extremely dangerous because most of their safety features will stop working.

We think it’s highly crucial to inspect your appliances and update them or repair them when it’s needed. You should also be aware of where you place your appliances. Placing them away from flammable materials is a major way to minimize fire risks.

If you’re feeling unsure, you should always move your appliances away from any flammable materials.

If you have any electrical appliances stored in your basement, check their location for any moisture. This can cause electrical shorts which can cause fires.

4. Install Smoke Detectors and Sprinkler Systems

Installing smoke and fire detectors in your home doesn’t prevent fires from happening but it helps detect a fire early on.

By detecting a fire early, you can escape the house before it gets structurally damaged. It will also help firefighters the opportunity to salvage any parts of your house.

It’s crucial that you install smoke detectors and sprinkler systems in every part of your house, especially if you have a basement.

Basements face the biggest risk when it comes to house fires. This is because of their limited number of exits and lack of ventilation. Also, most people use their basements to store items such as flammable liquids or materials.

Also, installing smoke detectors and sprinkler systems in your basement can salvage your home from a lot of damage since basements are the foundation of a home. Detecting a basement fire early can reduce a lot of damage and cost.

5. Pay More Attention to Your Electric Panel

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, you should regularly check on your electric panel. They should also be replaced every 25-40 years. Even if your electric panel is working just fine, you should still get it inspected.

Modern households nowadays run on electricity. Without it, your televisions, gadgets, and kitchen appliances won’t function. Neglecting your electric panel can cause a lot of issues in the long run.

Nowadays, the usage of electricity is increasing rapidly. Old electric panels aren’t built for modern usage and need to be updated. The older the panel is, the more likely it is to be faulty. You can make sure if your electric panel is up to date or not by having it inspected regularly by a professional electrician. If it has been more than 25 years, then it’s probably time for an electric panel upgrade.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring that your home is safe from any danger should be a top priority. With fires, it’s hard to predict, especially if it’s an accident. But by taking precautions and actions to prevent a fire, it will reduce the chances of it happening.

It will also help reduce the damage if it were to happen. Having smoke detectors or a sprinkler system installed will help you detect a fire early. This will help you reduce the damage and call for help earlier.

Making regular inspections for your electric equipment and appliances will help maintain your home safe and reduce the risk of fire. Other than that, you can also make sure that your flammable materials are safely stored.

By ruling out the main causes of a fire and taking precautions to prevent it, you will be able to keep your home safe from the dangers of a fire.

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