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AC Noise Demands AC Repair Belmar, NJ

The air conditioners today are modeled to function silently. A soft mechanical sound is associated with the air conditioner; however, it is no matter of concern.

But this does not mean you will have to come up with other AC sounds. The air conditioner incorporates two-stage compressors and sound dampening technology so that the noise is leveled below 55 decibels.

Therefore, the moment you hear unfamiliar or loud noises, take notice and schedule for AC repair in Belmar, NJ.

The mysterious noises from the air conditioner must never be ignored as they can turn any minor problem into a major one.

The noises can be related to an alarm tick, which calls out loud for repairs. The sooner you notice and take care of the issue, the better it is for the AC.

image - AC Noise Demands AC Repair Belmar, NJ
AC Noise Demands AC Repair Belmar, NJ

The following are some of the common noises your air conditioner can make and the reasons for it.


Clanking is a sign of broken or loose parts. The parts that are sealed inside the unit must have failed likely or the compressor must have become damaged or loose that requires replacement.

The sounds can also mean the outdoor fan or the indoor blower has gone out of balance and that it is hitting other parts.

These issues only get worse with time and create bigger problems. Make sure these problems are handled by the experts of AC units Belmar, NJ, as soon as possible.


When you turn your air conditioner and you hear loud banging noises, it may mean that it is having issues with the compressor.

Mostly, the parts inside the compressor like the piston pin, connecting rod, or crankshaft must have gone loose or broken.

Banging sound also means the compressor may need a replacement. Contact AC services Belmar, NJ, to know the detailed cause of the noise and the ways to fix it right.

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There can be many reasons for buzzing noise like

  • Dirt or debris in the outdoor or indoor unit
  • Loose parts
  • Unbalance or Lose outdoor fan motor
  • The condenser coil may need lubrication or cleaning
  • Replacement or cleaning of air filter
  • Refrigerant leak

At times, the refrigerant may be running well outside but is not cooling inside. It can be because of a refrigerant leak and may cause a buzzing noise.


The electrical components click during the start-up and shut down process, which is normal during the system operation.

However, a constant or repeated clicking sound is not normal. It indicates a failing thermostat or defective control.

Besides, there are many electrical parts in the air conditioner, which makes it a little difficult to guess, without direct inspection.

Hence, get in touch with the AC system Belmar, NJ, experts and resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Fan and blower noises such as squeaks or rattles are transmitted through the duct system. It can also mean an unaligned or old part.

But in the case of some units, squealing is a little normal, as long as it does not trouble the inmates.

The homeowners must know whether the noises are abnormally new or a common one that makes during the operation.

Rattling or Chattering

When your air conditioner makes a rattling noise, know that the system is deteriorating, or some of the parts may have gone loose.

At times, the noises can be because a leaf or twigs has been stuck in the system. The chattering sound indicates issues with electrical components or the fan must have been loose.

If you are hearing any such noises, first inspect for any loose connections, clean or replace the air filters. If nothing seems to work, call the technicians.


If you hear a helicopter sound like a whirring one, it can be because of a mechanical problem or issues with the indoor or outdoor unit.

Sometimes, the noises are not always because of the faulty part, it can also be because of debris or other related things that must have gone struck in the outdoor fan unit or the indoor blower fan.

If your air conditioner is constantly giving you trouble and is looking for ways to fix or replace it, then Environmental Air Systems could help you with better and reliable solutions and services.

Get in touch by calling (732) 681-0856 for they are ready to serve all seven days a week.

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