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Acid Etching and Grinding? What’s the Difference?

When presented with the option, a lot of people get confused as to which one they should use – grinding or acid etching.

Well, concrete polishing is another option if you want to keep the concrete floor but if you’ve decided on the coating then you’ve got to pick one of the either; Grinding or Acid Etching.

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What Is Acid Etching and Grinding?

Acid Etching and Grinding are two separate processes to get your floors ready for any sort of coating.

Before choosing paint or polish for the floor, it is important to make the surface rough so the coating really sticks to the floor. Acid etching and Grinding are done for this purpose; to roughen the surface.

But if both methods are used, then you can pick either, right? Right, you can. But which one? That depends on your budget, type of coating you’re going for, type of concrete floor you have, etc. etc.

To decide which one you should choose, you should know the difference between them.


Mechanical grinding includes eliminating the smooth top layer to uncover the crude concrete underneath.

A modern processor furnished with precious stone grinding blocks or a hand processor utilizing jewel circles is ordinarily utilized for precisely grinding the floor surface.

Grinding makes controlling the surface profile simpler, and it likewise assists with guaranteeing a reliable outcome for the texture to be accomplished.

A solid profile like 60 to 120 coarseness sandpaper is expected to guarantee appropriate holding.

Grinding can leave uneven zones and gouge marks on the floor if it isn’t done appropriately so it’s recommended that you get to it yourself and employ an expert floor coating service like Centerport Epoxy Floors for a predictable and all-around profiled surface.

Acid Etching

The acid etching includes the use of acid to eliminate the top surface of the solid floor. This strategy is adequate to set up the floor for the utilization of defensive covering particularly on the off chance that you are thinking about a DIY venture or new concrete.

Acid Etching can uncover the pores of the solid under ideal conditions yet it won’t eliminate pastes, caulks, mastics, and other normal stains.

In the event that your floor is recolored by any of these substances, you should clean the floor first to eliminate them.

The process of etching can abandon a wet solid residue film that may stop up the solid pores if not completely wiped off; this can prompt coating failure. Also, if the acid isn’t appropriately discarded it can harm clearing stones, scenes, grass, and so forth.

Which One Is Better?

Acid etching a floor is an incredible answer for the individuals who are installing the garage floor themselves and don’t want to spend too much on grinders.

Nonetheless, for bigger business occupations, more established concrete, or worn floors, the general suggestion is grinding before epoxy or any type of coating.

This is on the grounds that there is distinctive concrete with the fluctuating piece, surface, and hardness levels. This implies there is certainly not a one size fits all arrangement.

Diamond grinders utilize a few crushing heads intended for the varieties in solid surfaces to guarantee you get an appropriate surface profile that endures forever. Acid etching is a superior choice than power washing yet it doesn’t give similar outcomes as grinding.

In the case that you are doing a DIY garage or any other space, and you are genuinely certain with your capacities, you can lease or buy the best possible grinding hardware essential for the activity.

Most certainly you should have the option to grind a floor in under a day. There is always the alternative of finding somebody to do it for you.

If grinding is not an affordable option for you or you are not happy with doing it, at that point acid etching is your answer. Do a little research and find which option is best for you and then plan accordingly.

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