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Apartments Vs Houses: A Brief Comparison

Starting from over 11,000 years ago, when Humans started making cities, an important question of “which is better” has been raging.

Which is better in the battle of apartments vs houses?

image - Apartments Vs Houses A Brief Comparison
Apartments Vs Houses A Brief Comparison

Today we won’t quite put that battle to rest, but we might be able to help you make up your own mind.

How? Instead of giving you some drawbacks of each, we decided to highlight their strengths.

Each contender brings unique benefits that attempt to match your lifestyle. Are you ready to choose a side?

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Putting’ On the Ritz: Apartments

Everyone is a little different — some people really thrive in city and apartment living while some wilt. There are definite upsides to apartment and condominium living, such as:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Generally lower rent
  • Less to clean and maintain
  • The building covers all structural maintenance
  • Amenities like fitness rooms, swimming pools, and laundry
  • Protected parking areas
  • Downtown living in major cities
  • Often leased by management companies

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that come with apartment living, especially in a luxury apartment community.

While we mentioned parking, you likely wouldn’t need a car, depending on work and lifestyle.

Do you love to be at the center of it all? The hustle and bustle of a city are energizing and gives a sense of community for those who are all-in.

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Wide Open Spaces: Houses

Houses come with their own set of pluses, as you’ll see. While it’s unlikely you’ll have a house in the downtown of any city, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be just outside.

With everything that we listed off for apartments and condos, what could possibly draw you to a home?

Try these on for size:

  • Family-friendly for pets and children playtime
  • Storage, storage, and more storage
  • More space for hobbies or offices for WFH lifestyle
  • Dedicated parking with (generally) lots of spaces
  • Areas for gardening and landscaping
  • More privacy for you and your family
  • The slower pace of life (and less traffic)

While many of the pros here are family-based, that’s kind of the point. Having more land gives you a chance to spread out a little in your own protected bubble.

Having pets can be tough in an apartment unless you have cats or small dogs. Finding space for kids to run around in an apartment can be equally stressful.

Houses can fill that need so well that for some people it’s a no-brainer.

If you don’t have a family, but you are willing to share with others, the space of a house allows you to have roommates without feeling like you’re constantly in each other’s way.

If your hobby is DIY maintenance, you’re in luck. Houses always have something to fix.

Apartments vs Houses: Which Is for You?

In the end, the question of apartments vs houses can only be answered by you. Just as some people prefer to be insular or more gregarious, so too is everyone’s feeling about apartments and houses.

Did you enjoy this article on the benefits of living in apartments or houses? At Dream Lands Design we have tips on DIY maintenance you love so much, as well as design and gardening ideas.

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