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Are Roll Up Garage Doors Good?

According to the latest cost-vs-vale report, replacing your garage door can bring an ROI of over 94% if you decide to sell your home. So, don’t let the initial expense put you off.

Rather, take your time choosing the ideal option to suit the style of your home as well as your budget. Skimping in one of these areas can decrease your home’s curb appeal and place you under undue financial strain.

Here’s how a roll-up garage door, can tick all the boxes when it comes to these aspects.

image - Are Roll Up Garage Doors Good
Are Roll Up Garage Doors Good

What are Roll-Up Garage Doors?

You may not realize it, but you’ve seen plenty of roll-up garage doors in your lifetime. They’re one of the most common types of doors installed on rental centers, government facilities, factories, and warehouses.

These types of commercial garage doors consist of horizontal steel sheets and run on a coil-up mechanism. That means they coil up out of sight when you open the door, and roll back down again when you close it.

Since these doors are so common in commercial applications, you might wonder why you’d want to install an industrial-looking roll-up door for home use? You can choose from several attractive varieties of roll-up doors when it comes to residential use.

Types of Roll-Up Garage Doors?

There are two types of commercial roll-up doors, namely roll-up sheet garage doors, and rolling steel garage doors. These appear similar from the outside but differ in a few aspects.

Roll-up sheet garage doors are perfect for small commercial buildings, as they’re lightweight and cost-effective. Rolling steel garage doors have metal slats instead of one large steel sheet and suit high-security facilities.

Residential roll-up doors are a version of the rolling steel garage door except they have panels instead of slats and can comprise various materials to suit the design of your home.

While commercial roll-up doors are usually a standard size, residential roll-up garage door sizes can vary according to your needs.

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Materials Used for Residential Roll-Up Garage Doors

When choosing the best roll-up door for your home, you’ll find several options to suit your budget. These are the most popular materials used for residential roll-up doors and each of them has its own pros and cons:

  • Wood is an affordable option with high maintenance costs
  • Aluminum’s lightweight, rust-proof, and good for extreme weather
  • Steel is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and virtually maintenance-free
  • Fiberglass is lightweight and can stand up to hurricanes and storms

The last three options are more expensive although they’ll last longer than wood. Regardless of the material you choose for your door, roll-up doors all offer the same basic benefits

Roll-Up Doors Offer Convenience

Most roll-up garage doors are easy to operate. Many of them are remote-controlled, and you can even get models that operate via an app on your smartphone.

As such, roll-up doors are a good choice for a residential garage door, offering ease of operation for every member of the family. This remote-controlled option also has added security benefits since you don’t need to get out of your car if you arrive home late at night.

Roll-up doors don’t swing into or out of your garage when you open them, so you needn’t worry about keeping the areas near your door clear. This means more packing space in your garage and can place container plants right next to your garage door.

A Roll-Up Garage Door Is Durable

The average residential roll-up garage door can for 20 to 25 years. So, don’t let the price of roll-up garage doors for sale put you off.

Their long lifespan is one of the best aspects of these doors and means you won’t have to pay for a new garage door for years to come.

Steel’s the longest-lasting option for garage doors, while wood doors will still last from eight to twelve years.

Roll-Up Doors Are Low-Maintenance

Due to its simple mechanical structure, fewer things can go wrong with a roll-up garage door. That means it’s unlikely that you’ll need to spend money on garage door repair with these types of doors.

Steel’s the most durable option for garage doors and can resist most types of damage that result in garage maintenance.

You Can Save Money With Roll-Up Garage Doors

Another thing to bear in mind if roll-up garage door prices put you off, is that they can save you money on your insurance premiums and energy bills.

Since there aren’t as many gaps in roll-up doors as there are in two-door garage doors, they insulate your garage better. This means they keep your home cooler than most garage doors, thereby saving you on heating costs.

You’ll save even more if you install insulated garage doors.

Due to the added security benefits of roll-up doors, you could also benefit from decreased home insurance premiums from a safety perspective.

You can also buy fire-rated roll-up doors which increase your safety and decrease your fire risk from an insurer’s point of view.

Roll-Up Garage Doors’ Downfalls

There are a few reasons why roll-up garage doors might not suit every homeowner. These are the main ones:


They’re complicated to install, which means the process takes longer, resulting in higher labor costs. Steel roll-up doors are among the most expensive available options for garage doors.


There are limits to how much you can customize your roll-up garage door since the door must have horizontal sections to operate smoothly. Also, you can’t paint your door once it’s installed, so you need to do this beforehand.

Picking the Perfect Additions to Your Home

As a homeowner, you can make life a lot easier for yourself by choosing long-term value over short-term savings when it comes to replacing your home’s fixtures.

In this regard, installing a roll-up garage door makes perfect sense for those who want a low-maintenance option with several long-lasting benefits.

Don’t forego your personal preferences in favor of utility though. The best garage door for you is one that suits the style of your home as well as your lifestyle.

For more information and tips on how to upgrade every area of your home, keep browsing our blog.

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