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What Is Asbestos? Facts That Every Homeowner Should Know

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer. In 2018 alone, it led to more than 2 million deaths worldwide.

Aside from smoking, which is the number one risk factor, it can also be due to radiation therapy, secondhand smoke, or air pollution. Exposure to certain carcinogens such as asbestos can also increase your risk.

image - What Is Asbestos? Facts That Every Homeowner Should Know
What Is Asbestos? Facts That Every Homeowner Should Know

What is asbestos? Where can it be found in the home? Want to know?

If so, you’re on the right page. We’ll be going over everything that you need to know about it below. Learn more about the topic by reading the rest of the post!

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What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a silicate mineral that’s composed of soft, flexible fibers. Not only is it resistant to heat, but it’s also resistant to corrosion and electricity.

This makes it ideal for many things such as shingles, insulation, and tiles. At the same time, however, it’s highly toxic. That is, the mineral fibers can easily become trapped in the body if inhaled or ingested.

Over time, this can cause inflammation, scarring, and eventually damage to genetic material. Ultimately, it’s this genetic change that can cause lung cancer.

Where Can Asbestos Be Found In Your House?

The good news is that asbestos is no longer used for residential buildings. Up until the 1970s, however, it was a common building material.

Given that, it’s not surprising to know that some older homes and buildings may contain asbestos. For example, you may find it in textured paint, floor tiles, spray-on insulation, roof shingles, cement, or steam pipes.

That’s why it’s so important to be careful if you’re renovating an older house. If necessary, get a professional opinion first before you start working.

The last thing that you want to do is to release dangerous amounts of the carcinogen into the air!

What Should I Do If I Find Asbestos?

Think you might have found asbestos in your home? It’s important that you don’t touch it. Even if it’s in good condition, you want to leave it alone.

If the material appears damaged, contact a trained professional such as Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC. Try to limit access to the area until they can confirm its presence.

How Can I Tell If Something is Asbestos?

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to identify asbestos just by looking at it. Chances are, you will have to send samples to a lab for testing.

As you can imagine, however, that can put you at risk. It’s much safer for you to hire a trained professional for the job.

Protecting You and Your Family From Asbestos

Hopefully, that answers the question of, “what is asbestos.” If anything, you always want to call a professional if you suspect something to be the carcinogen —never try to remove it yourself!

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