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7 Awesome Reasons Why People Move to Virginia

Are you planning a move to Virginia? Or are you just curious what it might be like to live there? Either way, you’ll find what you need to know in the following guide.

Below is a list of the best advantages of living in Virginia. Among these benefits are a rich history, great schools, and a low crime rate.

Furthermore, Virginia isn’t simply some boring, colonial-era throwback that’s stuck in the past. There are plenty of adventurous things to do there, like biking, camping, and spending all summer at the beach. Keep reading to learn what your new life in Virginia will be like.

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7 Awesome Reasons Why People Move to Virginia

1. Good, Old-Fashioned Country Living

If you’re into relaxing country living, there may be no better state to retire in than Virginia. There, you can step back from the big-city rat race to enjoy life at a slower pace. Also, take in the scenic beauty of Virginia’s wide-open spaces.

2. Rich History

When you move to Virginia, you can take your time to explore age-old, colonial settlements. Some of the oldest towns in the nation are found there. There’s also a large variety of museums for the history buff in you.

3. High Average Income

Virginia doesn’t exactly have a low cost of living. But the income rates are high enough to allow you to live comfortably.

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4. Great Schools

If you’re a student yourself or you’re looking for good schools for your kids, you definitely want to see what Virginia has to offer. This state is well-known for having some of the top educational institutions on the east coast.

5. Low Crime Rate

Speaking of your kids, you definitely want them to grow up in a safe, peaceful environment. Virginia offers this as well. After all, most criminals don’t want to stir up trouble so close to the White House, the FBI headquarters, and the CIA headquarters in Langley.

6. So Much to Do

There are so many fun activities to do in Virginia, besides what we’ve already mentioned. That’s especially true if you like exploring the great outdoors.

For instance, Virginia has sunny public beaches, historic monuments, hiking, biking, camping, and Busch Gardens theme park.

7. Gentle Weather

Are you the type of person that’s always too hot or too cold? Either way, you’ll always be “just right” in Virginia.

Winters don’t get much lower than 20 degrees. This is cold enough to feel that holiday season chill without freezing yourself to the bone. And summers will barely break 90 degrees—hot enough to swim, but you won’t be sweating up a storm.

Enjoy These Benefits When You Move to Virginia

If you’re still figuring out where you should move, keep this list handy. Alternatively, make the decision to move to Virginia and you can experience all these benefits firsthand.

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