Featured of A Beautiful light, A Beautiful life: Getting to know the Basics of Lighting

A Beautiful light, A Beautiful life: Getting to know the Basics of Lighting

Getting to know the Basics of Lighting — Having excellent lights in your home brightens up your mood all throughout the day. These lights calm and give a lot of peaceful effects in having a positive outlook in life. These lights can also help you concentrate on your work and optimize its productivity. Additionally, having great lights can help you avoid any eye disorder and helps you have a good night sleep. Also, your decision-making skills on buying things will be improved.

Getting to know the Basics of Lighting

When decorating a new place, deciding whether a light fixture blends perfectly in your home is never an easy task. A careful and thoughtfully organization of these accessories can complement every aspect of your home. Without the light source, light fixtures are for nothing. The light source is mainly the light bulb which provides light. These two come hand in hand in providing your home the perfect ambiance.

A Beautiful light, A Beautiful life: Getting to know the Basics of Lighting

A Beautiful light, A Beautiful life: Getting to know the Basics of Lighting

Types of Light Fixtures

Cozy lighting acts as an important role in enhancing the beauty of any space. Different types of fixtures are designed to assess the need of your home.  Adding a warm glow to any designer lighting touches your home luxuriously.

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These are the different types of light fixtures:


Chandeliers are still as grandiose as before. Now, there is a multitude of stylish designs that transforms a room and creates an impact on other people. Perfect placement of a chandelier is in the hallway, living room, dining area, and bedroom.


Ceiling lights are available in various sizes that can accommodate the features of any room. These lights are good in the hallway, living room, dining area, and bedroom.


It provides an excellent lighting and gives cooling effect in the room temperature. Fan lights are usually in the kitchen and bedroom. Fan fixtures also come with switches that can adjust the light intensity.


Pendant lights can go big and bold when grouped. It can provide an interesting style to the room by choosing colors that complement the room. Pendant fixtures are suitable for the dining room suspended about 30-36 inches above the dining table, bar counter, bathroom, and foyer.


Recessed fixtures are best when placed in a room where ceiling space is limited. Also, these types of lighting can are perfect for the kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and hallways.


Intended to provide light but mostly hidden from the view. These fixtures may not be meant to be one of the decors of the room. Usually, these lights are in the garage, and laundry room.


There are a variety of designs for the indoor and outdoor area. Wall fixtures serve as an accent or task lighting in a particular room.

Types of Light Sources

Light fixtures depend on the light sources used. Both are important in finding the perfect fit for your house. Also, the light effects vary on the performance of the different bulbs. Choose the light bulbs that save energy but provides the type of lighting you need. Natural and artificial are the categories for the light sources.

Natural Light Sources

Majority of the source of light on earth comes from the sun. The sun is a huge ball of fire which produces massive energy and converts it into heat and light. Stars also provide light, but due to its distance to earth, only small amount of light reaches earth. Additionally, the moon provides light as well.  It is the reflection of the moon from the sun.

Artificial Light Sources

Human intervention produces artificial light sources. These lights are for both in home and commercial. Below are the different types of artificial light sources:

Incandescent Sources

Light comes from procedures such as heating objects to a high temperature. As a result, infrared and visible lights come to fruition. A Candle is a typical example of this type of source.

Fluorescent Sources

When electricity is passing between cathodes that excite mercury and other gases,  radiant energy is the result of this procedure. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) is an excellent example of this source.

Gas discharge Sources

Light is produced when electricity passes through certain gases at a very low pressure. Examples are neon lamps and sodium lamps.


Choosing the right light fixture and light source guarantees you to have a home that is cozy and comfortable. Your house does not only benefit from these lights but also you. Great lighting improves your mood, your sleep, and your concentration.

There are different types of light fixtures, namely, chandeliers, ceiling, fans, pendants, recessed, utility, and wall. On the other hand, light sources are categorized in two, natural and artificial sources. It takes time to get to know them all, but with a little effort, any individual can be a step closer to getting familiar with these components.

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