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Bathroom Tiles: How to Keep Them Clean?

Nothing can beat the feeling of entering a bathroom that gives an experience of highly cleanse and hygienic space. Unfortunately, although the bathroom is a frequently used space in our house, we often take it lightly to clean it properly.

image - Bathroom Tiles: How to Keep Them Clean?
Bathroom Tiles: How to Keep Them Clean?

Yes, installing porcelain stoneware tiles in your shower can remove many cleaning issues as they are resistant to dirt, fungus, water, and humidity.

Yet, a simple cleaning procedure could greatly benefit maintaining their appearance and hygiene from time to time. Especially cleaning the bathroom tiles and grout properly is integral to keeping your relaxing oasis free of grimes and germs.

Best Ways to Clean Your Shower Tiles

Cleaning the bathroom tiles is a simple task as long as the grim of the grout is not too thick. But if the case is the latter, you can break down the task into a couple of steps to make it easy.

Best Ways to Clean Your Shower Tiles

Pre-Treatment Of the Area

The best way to start the cleaning process is to prepare the area before the actual scrubbing.

Start running your shower for five to ten minutes at a high temperature. Hot water and steam will open up the pores and lighten the dirt particles from the grout.

Pre-Treatment Of the Area

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Prepare your Cleaning Solution

Once the initial step is done, it is time to step into the deep cleaning process. Although numerous cleansing materials are available in the market, you can start with your very own DIY idea.

The combination of water and vinegar will work like magic to remove the dirt and spot. Mix a part of vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:1. Fill it in a spray bottle and spray it everywhere from the wall to the floor. Now sit for five to ten minutes patiently and let the mixture start its work.

Prepare your Cleaning Solution

Baking soda also can be an effective and affordable option for the cleaning process. Take a portion of baking soda and mix it well with water and lime. Stir properly to get a consistency like cake batter.

Now when the paste is ready, apply it to the surface with a paintbrush or sponge. Keep it there until the dirt and grime come out of the grout.

Persistence scrubbing

Take a grout brush to scrub the surface properly. If the stain is still hard to clean, you can use a stiff brush with hard bristles to remove the soap scum, dirt, and scrap.

Then take a toothbrush and dip it into the grouted line and clean the crevices. Finally, use a little bit of bleach with the brush to scrub the grime-filled line.

Rinse it off

Rinse the surface is the next and last step of the process. After scrubbing is done, rinse the floor with lots of water. Next, you can splash the warm water to wash away the dirt and liquid cleanser.

Finally, wipe up the floor with a dry cloth to get protected from the water stagnation, which causes the growth of mold and bacteria.

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