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5 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Tractor

Anyone who wants to buy equipment will always prefer to go for a brand new one. We understand it as you will be the first person to use the equipment.

But many things make used equipment attractive too. Sometimes, it may be the capital requirement, the important features you seek, or even the urgency of the need.

image - 5 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Tractor
5 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Tractor

So, if you’re interested in Ford tractors and wondering if you should get a used one, this article will guide you.

We’ll be discussing the 5 benefits of purchasing a used tractor to help you make the right decision.

Let’s check them below.

Benefits of Buying a Used Tractor

1. Used Tractors Are Affordable

This is the top consideration for choosing a used tractor over a brand new bcs tractor. The equipment is affordable, and you can get all the accessories without spending additional on them.

Going for a brand new tractor requires a huge, huge capital investment. Also, since you’re purchasing it as a new one, you might also need to spend more on insurance and warranty.

Also, as the years go by, you’ll be talking about depreciation costs. But when you get the equipment new, all these initial costs won’t exist because the first owner has taken care of them.

2. There Is Zero Waiting Time

Another benefit of buying a used tractor is that you get to use it faster than a new one. If you need a tractor to complete an urgent work or contract, a second-hand one will come to you faster.

The first owner will simply allow you to drive it away once you’ve made the necessary payments and signed the required documents.

But when it comes to investing in a new tractor, the paper works involved may take more time than you have.

For instance, you may have to wait for loan approval if you’re sourcing for a loan to buy it.

Moreover, you may request for it only to discover that the tractor is not available. In such a case, you must wait until they can supply it to you, thereby losing your time in the process.

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3. Used Tractors Are Easy to Replace

Used tractors are easy to change, replace or even sell. Since you bought it at a lower price, you will easily sell it to another user when the need arises.

But replacing a new tractor is not something so easy to do? Imagine that you invested heavily in a new tractor and discover shortly that you need another type.

This situation can be annoying and even terrible. The reason is that buying a new tractor requires a huge amount of money.

Once you’ve succeeded in getting it, you’re planning to use it for a long time before thinking of replacing it.

But sometimes, businesses can change and bring unique requirements and demands. In such instances, you can’t do anything except move with the flow.

This is why a used tractor might be better since you can sell it faster and get another one.

4. You Won’t Have to Spend More on Insurance

Here is another benefit of buying a used tractor.  When you get brand new equipment, the cost is usually high, and so, the insurance companies will base their charge on it.

But when it is a used one, the company will base it on the replacement cost and not the selling price.

Since the cost of used equipment is usually lower, the insurance will also be lower for you.

5. Warranties May Still Be Available on Used Tractors

Some people may argue that brand new equipment will come with a warranty while a used one won’t, but that’s not always the case.

Some dealers of used tractors often provide a warranty on the equipment. This warranty may be a maintenance plan which the company offers or the dealer offer to buyers.

When such a plan exists, you can plan on it earlier and also use your tractor with confidence.

The truth is that such plans can save you a lot of money in the future. A well-packaged plan will cover the parts, lubricants, labor, supplies, etc.

All these will fall on your business without the maintenance plan.


Buying a used tractor comes with numerous benefits. The first one is that you will buy it at an affordable price.

So, instead of waiting for the loan officials to approve and release funds to buy a new one, you can go for a pre-owned tractor and do your work.

Also, the time between the order and receiving the tractor is usually shorter with used ones.

Since the first owner already has it, you won’t have to wait for months or even a year to use the equipment.

Sometimes, you will even drive it home yourself after paying for it and also get the warranties and insurance costs at lower rates.