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Top 5 Benefits of Roof Coating

Planning on getting roof coating installed for your home?

Replacing a roof can be pretty costly. As a homeowner, most probably you want to cut out your bills as much as possible. But a roof coating can do so much more than just prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

There are numerous benefits to this treatment that you’ve likely never heard of, and once you’ve found out what they are, the decision to invest in roof coating becomes obvious.

image - Top 5 Benefits of Roof Coating
Top 5 Benefits of Roof Coating

Coating your roof doesn’t only reduce heat energy, but it also increases UV and waterproof protection of your roof.

Because the roof is often exposed to ultraviolet rays and heat over the years, materials break down ruining your roof function and appearance.

But roof coating ensures strength and longevity to roofing elements while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of any structure. What other benefits can you expect from roof coatings? Are they smart investments?

A roof coating can be costly, so you must have the right information, especially if you are doing this for the first time. Knowing how much will a new roof coating costs before investing in it can save you pennies.

Read on below as we delve deeper into its benefits.

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1. Environmentally Friendly

One great benefit of roof coatings is that they allow you to minimize waste by prolonging the life of your roof while reducing the amount of waste produced during repair and maintenance.

Sustainability isn’t necessarily a strange concept within the roofing industry. But roof coatings and roofing systems – are getting a lot of attention and gratitude due to numerous building codes and environmental regulations, increased concern for bottom-line consideration, and the environment.

Such focus on environmental problems is good for the industry, as it provides numerous opportunities for maintenance and engineering supervisors to minimize costs while applying sustainable strategies within their roof- management programs.

Today, most coating systems are specially developed to be environmentally safe, so you don’t need to worry about dangerous chemicals or production techniques.

Recent estimates have shown that roofing projects produce 40% of construction waste, which eventually ends up in landfills.

When you choose to apply a roof coating at the right time in a roof’s life cycle, it can hinder the necessity for expensive replacement, as well as prevent the necessity to break down and dispose of your old insulation and roofing materials.

The new cool roof generation can also advantage the environment by dropping local air temperatures ( also known as the urban island heat effect) and helping reduce electricity expenses.

2. Enhanced Aesthetics

It’s not easy to overlook your roof since it’s the largest part of your home. It must stay in perfect condition pretty much like other elements of the structure.

If you notice the first signs of roof aging or deterioration, such as fading finishes and chipping, don’t hesitate to call your contractor to immediately check your roof system, before the issues cause further damage or compromise its curb appeal.

The new generation of roof coatings contains Kynar pigments that can make your newly remodeled roof more pleasing to the eye. These pigments will restore your roofing system’s poor look while possibly improving your property value.

So rather than replacing a bad looking, old roof just for aesthetic purposes, your contractor can enhance the aspect of a roof that is visible from the adjacent homes or from the ground through the application of a coating.

For instance, prefinished, aging, metal roofs most likely need to be replaced, due to deteriorated or peeling finished, as traditional coating systems do not come with a good track record of success over the current finishes.

But the newer generation of coatings can efficiently restore to an aesthetically attractive state.

3. Prolonged Roof Life

As we previously mentioned, roof coatings will prove, thus extending the lifespan of the roof. That’s considered a wise investment as it can effectively provide protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Commercial Roof Coating Contractor can repair, coat, and restore moderately old roofs to a maintainable condition. Not only that, but they can even rehabilitate roofs with leaking issues if the volume of wet insulation is somehow low, and they can recognize, remove, and patch the damaged areas before coating.

With timely performance and wary monitoring of remedial work, the roof can be a candidate for a successive re-coating project to prolong the roof’s life further.

Roof coatings create an excellent barrier between the elements and the most important layers of your roofing materials. That said, the right roof coating increases your roof quality guarding it against harmful temperatures.

4. Microclimate Management

There are many low-slope areas on your current roof where water can occur. In many of these areas, regardless of the type of your roof, many types of membranes are prone to early deterioration and, ultimately, leakage.

The same goes for roofs on which the membrane is exposed to various contaminants that can experience localized damage.

But using carefully selected coat roofing products and applications in these damaged areas can extend the life of your entire roof.

That said, without implementing this environmentally friendly approach, spot deterioration will eventually lead to leaks, wet insulation, in-depth structural deterioration, and the need for premature replacement.

5. Reduce Energy Use

Roof coatings today also contain emissive properties. Numerous studies have shown that such properties help reduce the roof’s temperature. Unlike the old generation of roofing materials, the reflective coating won’t absorb the sun’s heat.

That said, your home’s interior becomes much cooler, which is all we want during those torrid summer months. Because of this, your home’s air conditioning system will not have to operate at maximum capacity, allowing you to reduce monthly energy consumption.

Moreover, a coating roof is a great way to turn your home into an eco-friendly one as you can easily reduce waste that accumulates in numerous landfills across the globe.

Devoting time, energy, and money to improve your home’s roof is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Applying roof coating to prolong your roof’s life can also benefit you if you plan on putting your house on the market. However, before you decide whether it’s worth or not the investment, take some time to assess your current needs and prepare a budget.

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