How to Choose the Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

Best Portable Propane Fire Pit. Ready to do some shopping for a portable propane fire pit? Well, if you have already started looking online you are sure to find out there are plenty of choices.

The one problem some people make when buying online is impulse buying. They see one they like and don’t really take the time to check it out. Only to realize once it arrives it isn’t quite what they expected. It doesn’t have features they wanted, isn’t the size they wanted or etc.

So, to avoid any of those problems, I am going to let you know some things that should be considered when choosing the best fire pit for you and your needs with this guide on “How to Choose the Best Portable Propane Fire Pit“. That way you know, you will be happy with which one you choose to be your next fire pit.

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How to Choose the Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

Choosing the Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

Size Matters

Even though it may say portable, size still does matter. Some are larger than others, so that means that some may be bigger than some can handle. You also have to consider weight as well. There are some best portable propane fire pit that can be moved, but you will need help. So, make sure you check the dimensions and the weight to make sure they are within your abilities. If not and you still want it just make sure you have a helping hand when needed.

Open or Covered

There are some fire pits that are open pits and come with no cover. Then you have some that come with a spark cover for during use. Spark covers are a good idea if you want to keep your hot sparks where you want them. Making it safer for you and the environment, especially if you have kids or if it is windy out.

Ignition or Self-Ignite

Do you want to be lighting the fire yourself or do you want an easier no hassle way to light? There are some you will have to use a log handled match or BBQ lighter to light. If you don’t want to manual light you can opt for an electric ignition lighting one. Making it as simple as pushing a button which causes a spark, which in turn lights the propane. That choice just depends on your wants, it is more of a feature want not need.

To Grill or Not to Grill

What are you looking to be able to do with your fire pit? To many the first thing that comes to mind is to cook out. Not all best portable propane fire pit are set up to grill, it can also be damaging to some to do so. So, if you are looking to have one to cook on, make sure that it can be used for it.

If you are not looking to grill, then that is not a factor. You could probably at the very least on occasion still enjoy roasting some marshmallows or enjoying a hot dog roasted on a stick.

Design Factors to Consider

There are some design and cosmetic factors to take into consideration as well in how to choose the best portable propane fire pit. Not as important but still some to keep in the back of your mind.

  • Make sure it has a good stable base, important to avoid knocking over. Wide set legs or a square base.
  • Make sure it is coated in a high heat paint.
  • Make sure it has sufficient air circulation, such as cut-outs or otherwise.
  • If you can find one with handles or a place you can safely grab if you need to move it.
  • Check if it comes with the hose and regulator. Always better if it does come with it, most on the market today do.
  • Check to see if there is any drainage holes, to allow for water to drain out of bowl. In case it isn’t covered and it rains.


It is always a great idea to find out if a product has a warranty. That way you know if something does go wrong you are covered. It is for a piece of mind, while most products are used without a problem things can happen. Length and type of coverage varies between fire pit manufacturers. So just choose the best portable propane fire pit that fits your wants for a warranty best.

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Pic of Choosing the Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

Choosing the Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

Extra Features

There are some that will not come with many extras. That is OK, there are many who don’t want any. Some of the things that may be included are storage covers. That is the cover that is used for in between uses. Some come with the spark screen covers as mention before.

Pokers are also typically included but some don’t have them. Most do come with some type of lava rock, logs or fire glass. If you want one you can change up once in a while, make sure it says that you can. There are some that will also come with the conversion kit to use with propane or natural gas, although that seems to still be near and far between.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has their own thoughts on what they are looking for. Yet everyone tends to agree on one main thing and that is quality. You can find out a lot about a product by reading their reviews. In many cases, you will also find out what others think about it as well.

Making sure you purchase from a trusted seller is also a big factor. Brands are important, but there are some great new brands as well. So, that is why warranties are important, they will tell you how much a company backs their own product.

Portables are a great way to enjoy a fire on the go. The smaller the better for travel if you want to take camping. One of the best parts since they are propane, there is no need to worry about smoke being the party pooper! You can park yourself in your chair until you are ready to shut it down.

Just remember don’t pack up or cover with storage covers until fireplace is completely cool. That’s a how to choose the best portable propane fire pit. Enjoy your next fire pit!


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