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6 Best Types of Shirts for Men in 2022

Shirts for men are indispensable. There is probably no man out there who doesn’t have a shirt in their wardrobe.

Precisely, every man has a wide variety of shirts with different designs, patterns, materials, etc. Wearing a perfectly fitted shirt can instantly transform a playful boy into a good-looking gentleman.

image - 6 Best Types of Shirts for Men in 2022
6 Best Types of Shirts for Men in 2022

However, men’s shirts have a long and interesting history! If we look back to the past, men typically wore shirts as undergarments under their coats. It was objectionable for a man to show off their shirt in public during that time.

But with the advent of the 18th century, men started wearing shirts in public places; only the elite class of people were allowed to wear white shirts.

Like this, there are many more fascinating facts available about men’s shirts. We will talk about all these some other today.

Today, in this blog, we will explore the six most amazing types of shirts for men in 2022. So gentleman, if you want to go with the recent men’s shirt trends, you are in the right place.

Let’s start

1. The Dress Shirt

For formal occasions and situations when you have to wear a tie, or you are looking somewhat out of place by wearing a sports coat, you need a perfect dress shirt. Finding the best dress shirt for yourself is not easy. There are several crucial factors that you have to take care of.

For example, the collar of an ideal dress shirt should have a sheer width, there must be a particular cuff style to that, and several other specifications to choose from.

According to the general thumb rule, a perfect dress shirt should have the finest fabric and very few details like a chest pocket, any other design element, etc. (the best one is with no details at all). When it comes to dressing shirts, you should always go for solid colors.

2. The Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are one of the most interesting types of shirts for men. They have a more formal look than a tee-shirt but are not as casual as a button-down shirt. Polo shirts are perfect to go with a suit on any summer wedding. Moreover, you can also wear one tucked in with trousers at your workplace.

Polo shirts look very sporty, so you can easily wear them on a tennis court or while playing any other game. Also, wearing a polo shirt can make you look hot because of its snug fit and appealing collared placket.

3. The Typical T-Shirt

T-shirts first came into existence as an undergarment for the US Navy during the 20th century. But it became very popular over time, even now in 2022.

This humble men’s garment has become famous worldwide within a very short period with the same early t-shirt designs. What can be a more stylish look than a perfectly fitted t-shirt with a nice pair of jeans?

4. The Henley Shirt

In layman’s language, Henley shirts are nothing but the collarless alternative to polo shirts. They are typically made of knit material, comprising a placket that goes up to your sternum.

The Henley Shirt usually has a rugged and classic old-school look similar to long johns. So, the best way to wear it is by layering a Henley shirt under a denim or flannel shirt with a sturdy boot on your feet. It is just perfect!

5. The Denim Shirt

A man’s wardrobe can never be complete without a denim shirt, especially this year when types of denim are one of the biggest fashion trends! Denim shirts are the best ways to boost your workwear collections. You can wear it with all types of outfits, from the baggiest painter pants to the sharpest suits.

The longer and harder you wear a denim shirt, the better it is. They come in various indigo tones; you can choose your shade per your choice.

6. The Rugby Shirt

The rugby shirts are quite the opposite of those of polo shirts. A rugby shirt has a sturdy build, whereas a polo shirt is soft and attractive. They are specifically popular in 2022 because of the tough texture of this shirt to withstand the pitch.

The rugby shirt is available in a lot of colors and unique patterns. They can be worn like a sweater during winters. You can layer it over your oxford button-down, and you will look fab!

Summing Up

Men’s shirts are extremely versatile. What you choose for yourself is completely up to you. The six types of shirts for men that we discussed above are all trending in 2022.

So, ready to rock all of them?

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