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Buying House in Another Country: Translation of Documents

If you decided to move abroad or finally purchase that amazing holiday house somewhere where it is mostly warm and sunny, it is vital to know about the basic rules and precautions that will keep you safe.

Since it is not an easy task to accomplish and will take some time, remember about getting your documents translated in advance.

image - Buying House in Another Country Translation of Documents
Buying House in Another Country Translation of Documents

Do not address these challenges during the last minute when you already have your hotel booked and have the real estate agency waiting for things to be signed with that promised last discount!

Let us start with the list of documents that must be translated when you purchase property abroad:

Legislation Documents That Relate to Licenses for The Real Estate Purchase Operations

It will include basic information about the real estate object, information about the construction company, and the legal right of the seller to provide you with their services.

Selected Property Documents Validity

It will include translation of the checks that have been paid for water, gas, electricity, and the other taxation payments. Request such information before you sign anything.

A Purchase and Sale Contract with The Translation Into Your Native Language

It is the most important document that will include legal conditions that speak of your rights as a buyer and the responsibilities of the company or an individual who sells the property object.

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Just to be safe, have a look at professional translation services here to find a certified translator in your language to provide you with a professional glossary and assistance.

Tax Number Document

It is usually received at the local Labor Bureau or the Police Station if you are a foreigner and does not take more than fifteen minutes.

Translation of Your Foreign Passport

Make sure to check personal names, birth dates, or anything that is not a part of the translator’s dictionary. Even if you do not know the foreign language, checking unique names and numbers yourself is still important!

Power of Attorney Signed Document

Remember that every official document that you translate must be done by a certified specialist because it has legal power.

Always check this aspect twice and ensure that nothing is missed since there are no optional documents when you make a solid payment abroad.

While you may encounter additional documents in some countries, the list above includes those that must be translated in most cases when you buy property abroad.

The Basic Safety Rules to Consider

image - The Basic Safety Rules to Consider

 When you travel abroad and plan to consider an investment:

Always Take Your Time!

It should never be rushed, especially if you are thinking about a place that you do not know well. Make sure to spend some time in the area you envision both in summer and winter to see if the climate fits.

Talk to the locals, ask questions, and address your doubts!

Know Your Funds and Resources!

Always think about your budget as you consider moving abroad and know your resources well because it may take way much longer than you think.

Starting with the home improvement to design work and community payments in some countries, it is important to consider.

Understand What is Being Said!

Double-check every agreement and ask for a professional interpreter to be present all the time. Analyze the local taxes, deposit payments, and the rules that may be specific to the country of choice.

Think About Setting Up a Foreign Bank Account!

Doing so will help you to save some time and stay safe when you have to make a payment without carrying cash along with you.

Even if you need to pay those local bills and taxes, it is always easier to do so in advance!

Most importantly, keep several copies of vital documents in your pocket or a small bag and follow the common-sense rules even if you think that you know the place well!


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