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Adjusting to Disaster: A Claim Filing Checklist

Whether it’s a fallen tree branch through your bedroom window, a grease fire in your kitchen or a burst pipe in your basement, a sudden disaster can throw your home into chaos. Getting your life back to normal as soon as possible is a little easier when you have homeowners insurance. It can cover the costs you wouldn’t normally be able to cover on your own as well as relieving the debilitating stress that no one needs.

However, navigating the claims process can present its own challenges, especially for the unprepared. If you’re not fully aware of everything you should and shouldn’t do when filing a claim, you could compound the stress caused by the initial incident. You might experience delays in receiving your payout, get hit with larger premiums after it is processed, or even see your claim denied outright. To avoid these additional disasters, it’s important to understand how to manage the often complicated claims process.

For example, you should always review your policy thoroughly before making any claim. If you file a claim for an event or occurrence that isn’t covered, such as flood damage, your insurer may count it against you. Another good rule of thumb is to avoid filing a claim if the amount paid out won’t exceed your deductible. This will result in rejection as well as a negative mark in your claims history which can be used against you in the future.

Your homeowners insurance is meant to help you dig your way out of trouble, not get you further into it. The best defense against this is to stay educated in all the strategies available to you. For more tips you can use the next time disaster strikes your house, take a look at the accompanying checklist.

Author Bio:

Adam Gambuzza is the owner of Expert Public Adjusters, the most dependable public adjusters in Florida. He has 15 years of experience in the industry and focuses on helping homeowners settle insurance claims.

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