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College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Students

The dorm room is the home of most students while in college. Whether you are a freshman or a returning student, it can be helpful to think about what decorations you’ll be using in your room.

image - College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Students
College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Students

This can help your dorm feel more familiar and welcoming when you decide to settle down and work on your studies.

In this article, we discuss 9 tips you can use when deciding on creative steps to decorate your dorm room.

9 Decoration Ideas for College Student Dorm Rooms

Here are 9 cool decoration ideas you can use for your college dorm room:

9 Decoration Ideas for College Student Dorm Rooms

1. Create a Photo Wall

While in college, it is easy to get homesick, as you might be far away from family and friends. Setting up a photo wall is a great way to remember loved ones as well as preserve some great memories you have managed to create while in college.

Aside from the therapeutic effect a photo wall has, it can also bring some artistic and refreshing look to an otherwise dull wall, guaranteed to brighten your mood and your dorm room.

2. Bring Some Plants

Plants can easily liven up any environment, dorm rooms included. You don’t need to own a garden to have the experience needed to manage one.

Bring Some Plants

There are numerous low-maintenance plants that you can get for your dorm room. The window or some other surface with access to natural light can be considered great places to place your plant.

While the plant may be low maintenance, you will still need to take care of it. Due to dead leaves and dirt, your dorm room might need extra cleaning, especially during study times, so pay attention to that.

3. Bring a Bedside Lamp

A bedside lamp should definitely be on your decoration list. While your room might have fluorescent lamps, these can be quite harsh on your eyes.

However, with a nice bedside lamp, you can get that soft light that glows and creates a comforting atmosphere.

Ideally, you might want to get a lamp that has 3 levels of brightness so you can use it at any point during the day.

A quick search online and you’ll find different kinds of lamps with some coming with USBs, so you have an abundance of choice.

4. Set up a Nice and Cozy Bedding

This is considered one of the most obvious and easiest ways to add some comfort and style to your dorm room. When shopping, you might decide that something simple is better.

In that case, perhaps you might consider going for a duvet set accompanied by a matching duvet cover and pillowcase as well.

You can always go for extra color, style, and texture if your budget allows it. Lastly, you can add a blanket for that extra coziness.

5. Get a Mirror

Aside from being a great way to check how you’re looking; a mirror also adds value to a room.

A mirror can help make a room look bigger than it is, and depending on the size of your dorm, this is something you might appreciate.

If you’re looking to add style, you can go for some peel-and-stick mirrors these can be used to create unique patterns on your wall or door.

6. Add Some Curtains

You might not get to choose the location of your dorm, and as a result, you might end up with a less than stellar view or environment.

If you don’t like your view, you can go for some curtains for some added privacy.

When choosing a curtain, you can decide to go with a blackout one for easy sleeping or a more translucent one to allow the light in a bit.

7. Get Some Comfy Rugs

As stated earlier, you might not get the opportunity to select your accommodation as a student, but you can turn any space into an ultimate dorm.

Sometimes, the room you get has tiles or even cement floors. These can get very cold, especially during the winter. To give your room that cozy vibe and protect yourself when winter comes, you should consider getting some comfy rugs.

Adding rugs will have the combined benefits of giving your room that style you seek and making it a lot more comfortable for you, so you should check it out.

8. Get Multi-Use Furniture

Traditionally, dorm rooms tend to be small, which might push you to be creative with arranging things in your room.

You might want to consider getting storage ottomans as they can both be used for sitting and storing away items such as study books or blankets.

Using a storage ottoman will allow you to free up some space in the room for friends to hang out. Alternatively, a Murphy bed can serve the same purpose.

9. Get a Good Desk

One of the main aims of going to college is to graduate, and that means you’ll need to do a lot of studying.

Even if you prefer to read in the library, you might still need to study in your room, especially when you can’t go out either because of the weather or something else. A good desk can allow you to study comfortably.

A nice desk is a key to those students that do most of their studying from home. Such students need to do a lot of research online.

If you’re among such students, you can search online for paper writing service reviews when looking for experienced and qualified writers to handle your assignments.

Now, while almost any desk might do, you can also decide to accessorize your desk by adding some framed photos or even some flowers to add character and a homely feel to the room.


A well-decorated dorm room can be of immense benefit to the mental health of its occupants, and their productivity. While it may not be easy to put in the time, it’s worth it.

While the tips shared today are mainly directed towards dorm rooms, they can still be applied to apartments.

As a student, take the time to organize your space well, and you will be amazed how much difference a well-decorated room can make!

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