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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Fixing Curtains at Home

Curtains play a crucial role in making an elegant and attractive look of your home. After you have done choosing the right curtains for your home the prior thing to consider is the fixing of curtains.

Properly fixed curtains elevate the looks of your windows. Making your windows more appealing with perfectly fixed curtains must be the major concern for you!

Fixing your curtains can be a DIY project if you are a bit aware of tools & techniques to perform it perfectly.  People make some common mistakes that can ruin the overall look of curtains.

So here I am listing the most common mistakes to avoid fixing curtains at home!

1. Select Wrong Style of Curtains for Your Windows

Curtains are available in wide arrays of color, style, design, and size. Most people don’t consider whether the style of the curtain will suit their windows or not.

They don’t even bother to check the size of the window. If the size and style of the curtain don’t match windows size & size then it will be hard for you to fix curtains properly.

Before you purchase your curtains, you must consider which style of curtains will suit your windows. If the shop doesn’t have curtains of your choice, then you can also go for custom-made curtains.

Opting for customized curtains is the best choice as they will be perfectly tailored to your choice and your window size.

2. Length of Curtains (Measure Your Windows First)

Curtain length is the crucial thing to consider. Usually, people don’t measure windows and end up buying long or short curtains that actually don’t fit their windows.

Do consider taking measurements of your windows first, this can be much helpful in fixing your curtains properly. If in any case, you don’t find curtains with the perfect curtains you can alter the sizing only if you know the exact measurements of your windows.

3. Don’t Fix the Brackets properly

To start with the fixing process of your curtains, what you need to consider is to fix the brackets first. Proper placement of brackets is very important for the accurate fixing of curtains

Choose the right place inside the window frame or above it. Take the perfect measurements. Mark the positions and then install brackets to install your curtains.

4. Don’t Use the Proper Curtain Rod

The basic support for the curtains is the curtain rod. It should blend well with the texture and fabric of the curtains.

People don’t take into account the type of rod, they just put it in the curtain rings & install the curtains. Consider using the proper curtain rod.

Conclusion: All these above-mentioned mistakes are very common that people don’t even bother to consider. But ignoring them will ruin the look of curtains as your curtains were not properly fixed. Consider these and fix your curtains with perfection.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Fixing Curtains at Home
Common Mistakes to Avoid When Fixing Curtains at Home

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