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Creating The Best Work from Home Space

Over the last couple of years, your office may have shifted from one that you might have to commute to via train in the morning, to one that you simply have to put your dressing gown on to visit and bring your laptop to the kitchen.

Working from home can be tough and getting into the right mindset to work while you’re still in the space in which you relax can be difficult.

image - Creating The Best Work from Home Space
Creating The Best Work from Home Space

But creating a space that helps keep you motivated and focussed while not spending a fortune or having to move house could make a big difference to your work-life balance.

Separate The Space

One of the most important parts of creating a successful work from home space is to ensure it is separated from the rest of the house.

This doesn’t have to mean building a shed in the back garden or converting your attic, simply putting a desk in the spare room that you might usually only use for ironing or having your mates round, could be a great solution.

This will allow you to separate time to relax and time to work and you can feel that you can put the workday behind you once you’re done.

Whether you live in a shared ownership apartment in West London or a family home in Kent, having your own unique space can make that morning alarm a little easier to get up for.

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Keep The Noise Down

Anything to ensure you will feel focused for longer and be able to concentrate on tasks is going to benefit you. Ensure your work from home space is a quiet room in the house and maybe avoid places like the kitchen where you may be distracted by the washing machine or worse, the fridge.

An area in which family members or roommates are constantly popping in and out of is also important to help you get your head down and make the day as productive as possible.

Shared ownership homes in Medway offer quiet areas, spacious interiors and could be a great solution if you’re looking for a new home now you’re not tied down to the office.

Customize Your Work Space

Just like you might leave a photograph of the family on your desk in the office, customizing your work from home space with pictures, ornaments, or images that motivate you can be a great addition to your home office.

Not only will it remind you of your ‘why’ but it will boost your mood on those 3 pm slumps. Even adding in a few plants or flowers can help get those serotonin levels up and freshen the air for better concentration.

And perhaps a board that displays your goals for the future or even the tasks for the day can help limit distractions and keep you motivated.

Change It Up

If working from home gets a little tedious during some weeks then change up your space. Working from home doesn’t have to mean work from home and if you’re looking to live in a shared ownership home in Sevenoaks and have some beautiful green spaces to take advantage of then do just that.

Take your laptop for a walk to a local coffee shop or cafe and switch up your surroundings. While working from home can be challenging there are plenty of ways around it so you can ensure you make the most of your days in the home office.

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