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The Different Types of Electricians you Need to Know About

Electricians’ tasks are challenging! From managing household electrical projects to commercial projects, they are accountable for the entire electrical work in a building and community.

Hence, it is essential for ace electricians to undergo the required training and assessment from experts to ensure that they can execute a project to perfection.

The Different Types of Electricians you Need to Know About
The Different Types of Electricians you Need to Know About

The electrical requirements vary from one business house and residence to the other! It is essential to join hands with a dedicated and expert electrician who can address all your needs with urgency and dexterity.

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However, when you are planning on your electrical project, you should decide on the work and electrician type. Discussed below are a few essential electrician types that you can take reference from based on your requirement.

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1. Domestic Electrical Installers

It is one of the most common electrician types! Simply put, the household electrical installers get to work on domestic properties. Domestic electrician in Perth is guaranteed to provide you with the best residential solution to your needs.

From the easy socket fixtures to the electrical wiring in the entire property, the task list is endless. Sometimes, these electricians also need to address the issues about systems that interlink the plumbing and electrical systems in a house as well.

2. Maintenance Electrician

As the name suggests, these electricians are all about upkeep and electrical maintenance. They have to make sure that the new age electrical devices and systems they cater to are running well, effectively, and securely.

These electricians can resolve everything from the electrical appliances to the power grid and other issues in factories and warehouses as well.

3. Installation Electrician

This electrician is accountable for installing systems like fire security systems, lighting, power, structured cabling, and security. The work at hand is expansive in comparison to domestic electrical repairs, upkeep, and maintenance.

For electricians, it opens up the scope to work for big projects. The installation electricians work in any place from the commercial properties to the large construction sites.

4. Electro-technical Panel Builder

These electrical professionals use information technology along with logic controllers, to develop and regulate the electrical control panels. It helps them to manage air-conditioning, control buildings’ heating, refrigeration, ventilation, and various other devices effectively.

5. Electrical Device/Machine Rewinder and Repairer

Here the electrician knows all about electrical machine repair works. It also comprises the rewind specialists who are accountable for maintaining and repairing machinery such as fans, pumps, compressors, and transformers inside a building.

6. Instrumentation Electrician

This task comprises of testing, commissioning, fault finding as well as repairing the environmental control systems present in a building. It includes heavy air-conditioning units, refrigeration as well as heating facilities.

7. Expert Highway Electrical Systems Electrician

An expert highway electrical service provider ensures that the entire street lighting, which also comprises of the traffic management, gets well managed from time to time. These electricians also work to increase the standard of electrical works.

There are several other categories of electricians, such as journeyman and apprentice electrician as well. Your project requirement determines the electrician that you need to deploy. Based on your electrical projects, you can select the electrician from the titles mentioned above.

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