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7 Amazing DIY Snow and Ice Removal Tricks

The average snow shoveler will end up burning 8 to 10 calories per minute while working outside.

Shoveling is one of the best hacks for staying in shape all winter.

However, it is easy to overextend yourself and get injuries if you aren’t shoveling the proper way.

Continue reading to discover some of the best snow and ice removal tricks, along with things that you should avoid when trying to remove snow!

Image - 7 Amazing DIY Snow and Ice Removal Tricks
7 Amazing DIY Snow and Ice Removal Tricks
  1. Make the Right Purchase

Buying the right type of shovel can save you from wasting time, getting back pain, and hurting your joints.

Lightweight plastic or aluminum shovels work excellent at removing snow. The ice and snow easily glide off of the shovel because of the smooth finishing.

Getting the largest shovel at the store is not recommended. Many people tend to overfill their larger shovels, which leads to them injuring themselves. Instead, getting a medium-sized shovel is recommended.

  1. Get out There

Waiting for multiple snowstorms to end before shoveling may seem like a good idea, however, it is not.

Throughout a storm, the temperatures may lower or raise. This could make the snow extra heavy and wet or turn into one solid block of ice. You should aim to shovel your driveway at the earliest convenience.

Don’t worry about small amounts of snow, once they begin accumulating, you should begin shoveling.

  1. Invest in a Snowblower

Investing in a snowblower is one of the best solutions to removing snow and ice if you live in an area with a long winter.

There are many cordless snow blower reviews that you can read to learn just how beneficial they are. Snow and ice removal will become extremely easy with a snowblower and dramatically cut down on your time in the cold temperatures.

  1. Grab the Alcohol

Applying rubbing alcohol to your windows, both in the home or in your car, can help reduce the chances of snow and ice buildup.

Once you spray the windows with the alcohol, you then dry it off with a rag. Not only will this help prevent ice from being on the windows, but it will also stop any fogging on the glass as well.

  1. Get a Bucket

Sometimes, the only solution to getting into your car or opening the house door is to use a bucket of warm water.

Pouring warm water over a frozen area will help defrost and get rid of the ice that is blocking a key. It is recommended to use a squeegee to prevent further ice buildup when pouring water.

Be careful doing this tactic though, hot water may crack the glass or warp the shape of metals.

  1. Cover Your Car

Covering your car with a cloth or tarp is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce ice and snow.

Putting a tarp over your car will help prevent ice from building up and can be easily removed by sliding off the tarp. Be careful not to put all of the snow on your tarp into the street, however, this could make roads slippery and unsafe.

  1. Use the Leaf Blower

The fall season may be over but the leaf blower has not lost all-purpose.

Using the leaf blower can help you push layers of snow you a condensed area. This could make shoveling much easier or even eliminate the need for shoveling. One of the benefits of using the leaf blower is that you shouldn’t get any back or joint pain.

Ice Removal Red Flags

There are many hacks that you can add to your winter shoveling routine but not all have proven to be helpful.

It is important to use extreme caution when using salt to melt ice and snow. Although it is often effective, it can do a lot of damage to your driveway, cars, shoes, and can even hurt your pets.

Instead, buy salt substitutes that aren’t as damaging to the environment or your pets.

Keep Calm and Get Your Defrost on

Snow and ice removal can be annoying and slow you down at the worst times.

Utilizing the tips and tricks above can help you quickly and easily remove Jack Frost from your car and home. Buying the correct type of shovel, beginning early, and investing in a snowblower are all great ways to take off wintertime stress.

Be sure to keep browsing our blog for more DIY home projects that will help keep your home’s appearance impressive and safe.

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