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5 Dorm Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Every student wants their dorm room to be as cozy as possible. It’s a kind of shelter for those who get tired every day so much that they have to order their written assignments at essayhub.com to have some rest. Yet, students don’t always have a lot of money to make the room as good as they want.

French designer Francis Jourdain has said, “One can furnish a room very luxuriously by taking out furniture rather than putting it in.

5 Dorm Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget
5 Dorm Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

That is true to an extent when it comes to small spaces. A dorm room, in particular, is not only a bedroom with some study space; it has multiple purposes and functionalities. An unpleasant living space can not only affect your academics but overall mental health as well.

Hence the challenge of designing a dorm is not a small one. Add a roommate to the equation, and you have a complicated situation right there. But it is certainly possible to make things better even with a tight budget.

The concept of decorating dorms has been evolving. Today’s students lead a life highly dependant on technology, and their needs have also changed accordingly. But let us stop with the hurdles and look at how to get on with the task.

Here are a few decoration ideas that you can set out to do, all on a budget.

5 Dorm Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

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Focus on the Study Desk

Most dorm rooms have a rather large study desk. This is the place where you experience the most stress, last-minute panic to meet deadlines, and even a bit of drooling when falling asleep on it. The best way to decorate this item is to keep it clean and organized. Invest in a good desk organizer, and you will not regret it. Add some curios, your beloved pics, and some green, you have a study nook that will make you want to learn.

Another way how can one reduce stress on the tasks performed behind the study table is to acknowledge to yourself that you might need some help. Once you have done that, search for EssayPro.com – and voila! The website lets you hire the best-suited writer for any task among well-experienced professionals. Choose the author for your work and assign the paper with the set of requirements. Soon, you will have no issues facing deadlines.

Separate the Sleep Area

Separate the Sleep Area

Imagine coming to your room tired, only to see the bed layered with books, clothes, and what not?

As good as the desk might seem, your bed might occasionally call you to sit back, stretch your legs, and work on your laptop. That is the first mistake that you have to refuse to make. Considering the few options we have with space, it is always best for you to have the bed area dedicated to sleeping exclusively.

As most college dorms come with a standard size of extra-long twin mattresses, you might also not want to spend too much on the sheets. The chances are that you won’t need to use it after college. Start with comfortable sheets, but get some cozy high-quality covers for it. Now, what will add an edge to it? A few pillows of your taste!

Look Under the Bed

The biggest problem with dorm rooms is the lack of space. With some tricks, you can try making some extra space. Try lifting your bed to make the space under it more usable.

Reuse old desk drawers to arrange linen, clothes, or even footwear items under the bed. Try to add wheels under the drawers for you to easily pullout.

The next thing you can do is to try a loft bed, leaving the entire space down to use as room for studying or some sitting area. While this might not be possible as per the policies of all the dorms, if you can do it, then it would be the best way to maximize the space.

What About the Walls

What About the Walls

If you want to contemplate your life, the old stained walls of the dorm might not be the best choice. While you might not be able to repaint or nail anything to the walls, what you can use are temporary wallpapers that could be removed easily when you leave. These variants come in different types, shapes, and patterns, making it much easier to personalize any space.

If not wallpapers, there are always picture frames to make the room look prettier. Go for posters, paintings, or even mirror frames that would add a bit of serendipity. If nothing works, try a DIY hanging plant pot by the window to brighten the room quickly.

Clear the Clutter

Having the perfect design will make the room look good, but maintaining it clean is a must. Getting back to the quote from Monsieur Jourdain, try to keep the necessary things in rather than overcrowding your place with nicks and nacks.

Always organize things in baskets, trays, or bins to keep them tidy. Storage boxes are great decor options that will not cost much.

Final Words

As a bonus tip, if you want to make the room feel a little bigger, add a full-length mirror where you can reflect light. It will not only add more comfort but also help to take your place to the next level.

So you see, decorating a dorm room could easily be done without spending too much money. Try to take up DIY projects, and you will also have fun while making the items.

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