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Effectively Protect Yourself from the Sun with These Simple Tips

Summer is a great season for everyone that wants to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Of course, during certain times in the year and times in the day, you need to always be mindful of the sun, as much as it is beneficial, it can also be damaging to your health.

Here are some ways to protect yourself from the sun.

image - Effectively Protect Yourself from the Sun with These Simple Tips
Effectively Protect Yourself from the Sun with These Simple Tips

Sunblock Or Sunscreen

One of the most commonly known ways to protect yourself from the sun is through the use of sunblock.

Different sunblocks have different SPF levels, which stands for sun protective levels. Ideally, you want a higher SPF the longer you are out and exposed to the sun.

Sunscreens also provide protection against the sun, although will still let through some of the UV rays.

When selecting which form of protection you want to utilize, consider the ingredients and any allergies you have.

Additionally, consider the level of protection you need and want, as some skin types are more susceptible to sun damage than others.


Your skin is not the only thing that you need to protect from the sun. Your eyes are just as susceptible to damage from the sun, and you should consider different ways to protect them.

Look for sunglasses that have UV protection variables when shopping.

Also, never look directly at the sun, as this has the potential to cause significant damage and long-term effects to your eyes and your sight.


Another way that you can ensure that you stay protected from the sun is with the right headgear.

Wearing a hat can help in different ways. You can block out the sun from your eyes and vision, but also help prevent the sun from hitting you and your skin, allowing a hat to provide multiple levels of protection.

Of course, the hat has limitations on its coverage, and in order to protect your eyes, hinders your vision and blocks your peripheral vision.

Retractable Screens and Shade

Protection from this sun is not something you only need while you are outside or at work.

It is important to consider your home and property as well since many people will be spending a significant amount of time in their homes.

Sunlight is still damaging even when you are indoors, and even though glass blocks some of the UV rays, it still allows certain rays through.

You can be proactive in different solutions for this, through the use of retractable sun shade installed on a variety of your windows, or even simply with blinds and curtains.

Some screens completely block out the sun, while others help filter the sun to be a little darker, but still, allow some light in.

Consider what solutions fit your home and interior design needs best, as well as your preference in terms of sun blockage.

Extend Covering and Decks

If you have a deck or patio, one thing you should make sure of is that you have the proper coverage you need.

As the sun moves and changes position throughout the day, different angles will cause the sun to hit your patio.

It is not enough to have the top shaded, but also consider different designs of patio covers and angled shading.

Similar to your windows, you can install different types of shades around your patio as well to help reduce not only direct sunlight but glare coming off of other shiny surfaces.

Extend Covering and Decks


For those that want a bit more flexibility with their shade and sun protection, or those that have a bit of a tighter budget, umbrellas can provide an inexpensive solution.

Large umbrellas can be installed atop tables and over patios in order to provide you the essential shade you need when hosting outdoor gatherings and barbeques.

They are perfect to have in areas with different weather conditions, being able to be retracted and stored easily when you are not using them.

For personal use, consider using a portable umbrella, as this not only protects you from the rain but can provide you essential shades to keep you cool on extremely hot summer days.

Cover Up with Clothing

If you are concerned about things like skin damage, and detrimental effects caused by the sun on your body, consider wearing long clothing that does a better job of helping your cover-up.

Of course, you need to also ensure that the clothing is breathable and allows you to stay cool, so consider light material that allows for ample airflow.

You want to ensure that even as you protect yourself from sun damage, you also stay cool to prevent heatstroke and fainting.

Going Out During Off-Peak Hours

One good practice to keep in mind if you are concerned about the sun is to avoid going out and staying out during peak sun hours.

You want to avoid playing sports or being outdoors for extended amounts of time while you are unprotected, especially during midday.

This is when the sun is at its hottest, but also potentially most harmful. Avoid playing outdoor sports, hiking, or being unprotected and uncovered during this time, and try to schedule your activities at more optimal times of the day.

Be Mindful of Natural Shade

When the weather is good, you will not want to waste your days indoors, especially if the outdoors is a place where you enjoy spending the majority of your time.

Sometimes you can’t avoid being out when the sun is at its highest. It is fine to want to be out and about, but just be mindful of your shade options.

Although you may want to avoid open trails, you can absolutely explore trails with lots of tree coverage.

Having picnics in parks with a lot of shady trees can offset the heat and sun.

Patios with the proper coverings will still be a great way to enjoy midday meals. Just remember to consider the share as a means of protection.

From hiking to the beach, there are many activities to enjoy, such as spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors.

However, you need to be mindful of UV rays and the sun. Although the sun provides benefits, through energy and vitamin D, it can also be damaging, which is why you need to ensure that you protect yourself in a variety of ways.

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