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Explore Safety Tips to Keep Your Movers Safe by Reducing Risks

Moving could prove to be far more hazardous than you could expect. Moving is a tedious exercise, and when it is combined with sharp packing knives, heavy lifting, and such other precarious factors, it may lead to grievous injuries and undesirable accidents if you are careless.

image - Explore Safety Tips to Keep Your Movers Safe by Reducing Risks
Explore Safety Tips to Keep Your Movers Safe by Reducing Risks

According to Forbes, moving is undoubted a stressful affair. Besides packing your stuff and hiring professional movers, there seems to be additional tension about whether the valuable possessions will reach the destination safely without any damages.

Moreover, you should make the moving day seamless and safe for everybody concerned. You have to ensure your family’s safety and also, focus on reducing the injury risks for the movers. Let us discuss a few safety tips to ensure smooth and safe moving.

Get Rid of All Nails from Your Walls

Nails, hooks, and screws help in holding your fine artwork and family photos on the walls.

After taking off the pictures and artwork, make it a point to remove all the leftover nails, hooks, and screws from the plaster. You may know where each nail or hanger is located, but your movers won’t know.

A tight staircase or hallway may make things pretty tricky and difficult to maneuver for movers. The nails and hangers are sure to add to the trouble and could be the recipe for cuts and scratches.

It is best to remove all leftover nails, hangers, hooks, and screws. Seek assistance from a reliable and competent moving company such as Dearman Moving & Storage for safe and hassle-free moving.

Remember to Roll Up All the Rugs

As per CDC, one out of every five falls culminates in serious injuries. Runners and area rugs, including stairs and hallway carpets, pose a real trip and fall risk, particularly when the furniture is missing.

You should focus your attention on rolling up all the runners and area rugs before the movers step into your house. Keep all the rolled-up runners and rugs out of the way to avoid any undesirable slip and fall cases.

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Wrap All Sharp Objects & Knives for Safety

You should devote some time to properly wrapping up and securing sharp objects such as gardening supplies, scissors, and knives to rule out injuries while packing.

Wrap these objects with bubble wraps or thick packing paper to protect yourself and the movers from sharp edges. For added protection, you may roll up the wrapped items in dish towels.

Ensure that the Exit Route is Safe

You should inspect and ensure that all stairs, hallways, and even outside areas are free from all possible hazards or obstacles that may end up compromising your safety. Remove all scattered boxes from the exit route.

Try keeping a clear pathway free from ice, snow, water, or even mud. The path should be free from debris or protruding cut branches of a tree.

The main reason behind making safety your top priority is to avoid creating any potential issues apart from those already inherent in the moving process.


Accidents do happen. Despite your best endeavors to boost the safety factor, movers could end up getting cuts, dropping a heavy object on their feet, or even tripping and falling. You should be ready with a perfect first-aid kit to take care of minor injuries.

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