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Exterior Glass Doors for Commercial Buildings

While you may work on your commercial building’s architecture and interior, how the exterior of your commercial building looks always leaves a great first impression.

The exterior look of your commercial building also includes the doors, which add to its aesthetic appearance.

There is no denying that there are dozens of options available to select the exterior doors of your commercial buildings.

image - Exterior Glass Doors for Commercial Buildings
Exterior Glass Doors for Commercial Buildings

However, the aesthetic and elegant touch that the glass doors have to offer can’t be compared with any other material.

This is the main reason we have covered the types of exterior glass doors that you can select to get the best exterior look for your commercial building, along with their benefits.

Types of Exterior Glass Doors for Commercial Buildings

Here are the most prominent types of glass doors that you can get your hands on to give your commercial building the aesthetically appealing and elegant look you wish for:

Automatic Glass Doors

Suppose you are looking to make a positive and exciting first impression on your visitors as soon as they enter your commercial building.

In that case, the automatic glass doors are the best of the options available. Along with providing convenience, these doors are known for the modern look to a building’s exterior. Here are the significant benefits they have to offer:

  • Your visitors or even you will not have to open heavy doors manually as the automatic glass doors are here at your service while being extremely convenient.
  • Through manual doors, the visitors can struggle to enter or leave the building if there is massive traffic. The automatic glass doors keep the traffic free-flowing.
  • You can even get the automatic glass doors to be custom-made that have safety features to ensure safety.
  • They are highly responsible for providing your visitors a joyous and modern welcome that will improve your reputation.

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Revolving Glass Doors

  • If you are looking for a unique entry and appearance for your commercial buildings, revolving doors are the answer. The revolving glass doors are considered to be environmentally conscious options as they tend to reduce the building’s energy expenses. Here are the significant benefits they have to offer:
  • The revolving doors improve the commercial building’s entire look because of being ultra-stylish compared to the conventional doors.
  • The revolving glass doors allow the natural light to enter the commercial building and remove the additional need for heating or cooling, reducing the building owners’ energy expenses.
  • These doors provide several safety benefits like delaying a visitor’s entrance so the security guards can easily have a proper check.
  • There is no storm of people entering your commercial building through revolving doors as it allows only one or two people to enter at a time, thus managing the traffic flow.

Balanced Glass Doors

  • The glass door option that has a lot less space to get installed and is super easy to maintain is the balanced glass door for your commercial building’s exterior. It is ideal for older buildings with high traffic areas because they always stay within the door frames’ limit. Here are the benefits they have to provide:
  • They are responsible for stacking pressure from the high-rise buildings and are suitable for high wind areas.
  • The balanced glass doors require almost 1/3rd less space as compared to the conventional doors. This is because of the elliptical path of motion that they are supposed to move in.
  • The balanced doors balance the door’s weight in a way so that the opening and closing of the door are more smooth, thus offering ease in operation.

Aluminium Glass Doors

The Aluminium front glass doors have been one of the most prominent and commonly used front doors for commercial buildings because of the benefits they have to offer.

This is because the combination of materials makes them highly versatile and durable. Here are the services they have to offer:

  • The Aluminium is as strong as steel but comparatively light, making it an ideal combination with the glass to be used for the front commercial doors.
  • The glass area with the Aluminium combination is large compared to the wooden or UPVC doors. This allows more light to enter the commercial building and makes it more aesthetically appealing.
  • Additionally, the Aluminium doors are more robust and stronger than other materials, which makes them provide more excellent protection and security.
  • It may seem like they are not aesthetically appealing, but that’s not true as the Aluminium glass front doors can also add aesthetics and elegance to your commercial building.

Qualities of Exterior Glass Doors for Commercial Buildings

  • Here are the qualities that you must look for before getting your hands on the exterior glass doors for your commercial buildings:
  • The front glass doors must be energy efficient, which means they should allow maximum light to enter your building and also be able to maintain the indoor temperature.
  • The glass doors should not be stubborn to open and can easily be opened by everyone, including kids to adults.
  • The front glass doors should be not only suitable for the outside look but also be able to improve the atmosphere inside by maintaining the traffic flow.
  • They should come with feasible security options to provide the required security and protection.
  • The front glass doors should allow the natural light to enter into the building so, in case of power breakages, there is no issue, specifically in the daytime.
  • They should enhance your commercial building’s look by providing an exciting and aesthetically appealing look to it.

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