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Five Signs It’s Time to Change Your Doors

Very likely, doors are the most essential and commonly used items placed in the house. They are necessary both for our safety as well as for our privacy.

They are one of the first things people look at when they enter the house, or even when they pass by.

image - Five Signs It's Time to Change Your Doors
Five Signs It’s Time to Change Your Doors

However, with the continuous functioning of opening and closing, their mechanism is affected and is often neglected. There comes a time when the doors either get stuck or won’t open, and that’s when things start getting nasty.

When it comes to selecting doors for your new house, or you’re remodeling your existing one, you need to keep these two things in mind. The first is design and color, and the second is having high-quality door handles.

It seems as if they have a straightforward functioning mechanism, and shouldn’t require any maintenance. However, this article consists of the five most critical aspects which will help you decide if it is time to change or upgrade the doors of your house.

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  1. Hinges of the Door

The hinges are responsible for the smoothness of the opening and closing of the doors. It is a movable part and is the connecting point between the door and the wall frame.

A standard door has about three to four hinges to keep the door balanced and working in the best possible way needed. But even if a single unit of the hinge becomes disrupted or non-functional, it can create a problem with the door.

You can try to use door oils, lubricants, or sprays such as WD-40 to have a temporary fix. But in the long run, you need a permanent solution to replace the hinge to have a perfect alignment.

  1. Problem With the Latch

The latch is a mechanical device intended to fasten the door to the wall. A critical aspect of using a door latch is to provide safety. If the door latch is ineffective and not working correctly, the primary purpose of the door will no longer serve.

The alignment of the door latch could be one of the main reasons that the door does not function properly. However, this is the worst part, if your door latch breaks, you can’t fix it yourself, it’s high time to call for support, or you may change the door.

  1. Drafty Door

Technically, drafty doors are to be the most vulnerable issues for a household. They create such an intolerable mess for the people living in the house that they require to have it fixed on an immediate basis.

There are only two possible ways to deal with drafty doors, either you seal the opening of the door, or else you have an option to change the door. However, bad news comes with a package this time.

The draft doesn’t come alone, but it also damages the hinges as well. In the longer run, there is only one solution, and you guessed it right. It’s time to replace the door.

  1. Sticking of the Door

The sticking of the door is another problem that needs attention and needs a response on a priority. It is a similar issue as the previous one, but the root cause of this issue is the hinges.

Once the hinges are damaged and or become rusty, they become covered with debris, which results in the sticking of the door. You can always take some precautionary measures, such as cleaning the hinges with a spray to keep the mechanics functioning.

Another reason can perhaps be the foundation or the frame of the door. If there is such a situation, don’t waste time and call an expert.

  1. Warped Doors

Although this one is one of the least found issues in the doors of the house where the penetration of water is less likely. On the other hand, the problem of the warped door is common in households.

The reason for such issues is the moisture found in the environment. If there is a water leak underneath the walls, you have a problem.  As soon as the water penetrates the wood, it starts to shrink or warp.

However, if you have moisture in the environment, it is recommended to replace a door of any material other than wood. Another option is to use weather coating paints and polish. It will buy you time before you decide to buy a new door.


Doors are to be the first object of the house that creates an impact on the people. The more attractive your doors are, the more attention it will develop.

However, the most essential yet clichéd sentence here could be ‘prevention is better than cure’. So we advise you to take proper care of your doors by keeping them clean and lubricated.

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