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Floor Plan Creator: Complete How to Guide

The floor plan is used to create 2D and 3D floor apps. It shows the relationship between rooms, spaces, and physical features viewed above. It’s a starting point to design a house and give the technical information needed by specialty contractors.

Different types of floor plans are contemporary, custom, and traditional. It is useful for helping design furniture layout. You can create the, on drafting paper and by hand but architects.

image - Floor Plan Creator Complete How to Guide
Floor Plan Creator Complete How to Guide

Many floor plans help the architecture and interior designer create the 3D plans. The best floor plan creator uses specific tools to make a 3D floor plan.

Without investing whole time and energy the architect design the floor plan. In-floor plan creator photorealistic is one of the best characteristics in the floor app.

Here I will tell you the some best floor plan apps.

Foyr Neo

Fyro Neo is one f the best floor plan app it does not need any introduction. The feature of this app is very easy you can also draw the floor plan in the sketch. Creating an impeccable floor plan design enables the designer to automate the calculation of the room.

It can send Bluetooth laser meters and values to Android smartphones. You need to add a description of the walls, doors, and windows and then let the Neo do its work. Their 3D features will take your client on a digital tour and show their office and house future look.

To understand the feature of Neo, it will provide you with a 14-day free trial, and also it is available at 49$.

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You can use its software both on Windows and Mac-based platforms. This is 2D and 3D software. Its software is faster you can use it for many purposes like 3D conversation and creating many designers in 2D and 3D.

It is used for making floor plans, landscape, and designing. It requires knowledge of BIM concepts, it is popular among artists. Its cost is starting at $198 per month and the free trial is not available.


It provides the web floor plan creator layout tool easy to use, share, and collaborate, it is an org maker that offers a web floor plan. It’s simple to visualize, it’s created for visual companies. It’s simple to create a quick floor plan.

For drawing up a floor plan it’s perfect for that and downloading png, SVG, or pdf formats. Its starting cost is about $9.95 per month and a free trial is available on it.


It’s also a great choice for buying free floor software. This app is best for office managers and homeowners. Its software is an excellent option to help the client visualize. Its basic version is free like Planner 5D.

But the price for Rommel’s business version company was directly quoted. For product and furniture designers it also provides an array of features. Its starting price is about $176 per month. Free trial available


This software for interior designers, it’s a 2D and 3D planner. It enables the user to deliver floor plan ideas to clients. It’s easy to use floor plans design tool. You can create 2D and 3D projects.

It’s a good tool for beginners and small-sized boutiques for interior design and as well for architecture. Its interface is simple. It’s enough to be used by designers and homeowners. Its free trial is available and the cost is not listed.


It’s the first to choose many real estate agents. It can also work with the GLM floor plan app and is compatible with Google devices. Its cost is about $49 to design 2D and 3D floor plans. Its free version is also available.

If anyone wants to create floor plane free it’s a good app for those. Beginners and designers on a budget greatly benefit from this software.


If you are not selected a floor plan creator then Foyr Neo is the best one for you as we checked its best one for you to floor plan creator.  So what are you waiting for just select a Software according to your requirements?