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5 Foldable Mobility Scooter to Change Your Riding Experience Forever

Folding Scooters are no more a mere children’s toy. It is now better with all the features you ever wished it to have. Electric scooters are fast, foldable and affordable now.

With the growing demand in the cities around us, you can have one for yourself as well. You do not have to deal with a big parking spot and the carbon footprint we leave on the earth.

But first, you need to find the right one. Here are our best picks that are the best in every aspect. And to know more about scooters go to Scooter Inside and get into the world of scooters.

image - 5 Foldable Mobility Scooter to Change Your Riding Experience Forever
5 Foldable Mobility Scooter to Change Your Riding Experience Forever

Ninebot ES 2 KickScooter by Segway

If you are someone who loves a scooter with all the good specifications, this one is the one. The all-over hard metal body makes it durable.

It is foldable and lightweight that will allow you to pick and store easily. Who needs a big parking spot near the office? Not you when you get the scooter.

The handles are rubberized which is soft to touch. The wheels are also made of rubber that is 8 inches front and 7.5 inches diameter.

The front-wheel has heavy coil suspension to prevent bouncing while riding without it. Charging takes only 3 to 4 hours and once it is fully charged it goes up to 15.5 miles.

If you want more mileage then a second battery will accelerate its power to 28 miles. For an urban area, you do not want more than that for college or the workplace.

This lightweight folding electric scooter has three modes for speed. Speed Limited, standard and sports. Speed limited takes up to 9 mph which is safe when you are a newbie.

Go to standard speed when you got a good hang of it. Sports are when you are an expert. It will give you speed but the range will reduce.

Xiaomi M365 Mi Electric Scooter

In the electric scooter world, Xiaomi has a special place in the customer’s heart. Thanks to its affordable, sleek and reliable performance. Xiaomi has been entering into the different branches of the tech industry. Their scooters are one of the iconic products they have aside from their line of smartphones. You can check their scooters on ScooterAdviser.

Once you get your hands on the scooter you will realize how good it is. Material, paint, welds everything is done with perfection. The 50W (500W peak) front hub motor is what gives power to the scooter to work like a beast.

Safety is a big concern as adults ride scooters on busy roads. No worries, Xiaomi got your back. The braking system is the safest. It has E-ABS in the front and a mechanical disk brake on rare.

The charging takes 5.5 hours and it gives a range of 18 miles. If you use it for office going then you wouldn’t have to recharge after every ride.

The Xiaomi scooter is powered with a kinetic energy recovery system. It reuses the energy prolonging battery life. The tire is also impressive with shock and skid resistance.

Only 27 pounds scooter that can take 220 pounds of person. Overall amazing features at affordable prices. But you have to be careful over bumps as it gives extremely low ground clearance.

Speedway Mini 4 Pro

Speedway IV was so great and loved to its users that the manufacturer had to bring this Speedway Mini 4 pro. The motor is 500 hub motor and its peak power of 1360w.

The top speed goes to 25 mph and if you are a lightweight rider you may go to 28 mph. on a single charge it goes you can go to 33 to 35 miles.

The scooter seems to be small and lightweight but not like a toy at all. The lightweight feature gives more convenience when you ride it or take it to places.

This light scooter can take 260 lbs. person comfortably. It usually takes 5 hours to charge but has a quick charge system that will not take long.

The dual suspension is quite impressive but it does not perform well up in the hill. You can consider this as it is the affordable folding scooter for adults.

Gotrax GXL

Just after launching this scooter has become an instant hit. And that is obviously because of the good quality and features.

First of all its sleek design has caught my eyes. It does not have a wire coming out of everywhere that is in most scooters.

The dual braking system ensures safety for you. It also has an anti-lock braking system and a very responsive brake. So you know with all that brakes it is very safe.

The wheels are 8.5 inches air filled that easily rides over bumpy roads. Office going roads that have cracks cannot stop you from being on time from now.

It has a dynamic handlebar display that helps you to keep track of battery life, headlights and speed.

Another interesting feature is that it’s water-resistant. If you have a raincoat you can easily go to your workplace with that.

Or a little fun has never hurt anyone. It’s also one of the most affordable one in the list. So grab this one and never regret it.

Glion Dolly Portable Electric Scooter

If a minimalist design is what you are looking for then this one will grab your attention. This folding scooter is easy to fold and unfold in no time.

The scooter has a dolly feature that makes it like a rolling suitcase and it can vertically stand up as well. That means it is a self-folding mobility scooter.

Its speed is 15 mph that may not seem to be fast enough for you but walking is certainly slower than this. The headlight is bright and has a built-in reflector.

You need to accept some shortcomings as it is one of the most affordable scooters on our list. The tire has military-style honeycomb tires. It gets wobbly in not so smooth roads.

image - Foldable Mobility Scooter
Foldable Mobility Scooter

Final Thoughts

Folding scooters are great for storing easily and riding smoothly. A good scooter can change your experience and make a ride to your destination fun.

I hope my suggestions helped you to get the best scooter you were looking for. Happy riding.

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