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Is Foundation Repair in Springfield, Illinois, Worth It?

Foundation repair for Springfield, Illinois, properties is often expensive, costing anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the extent of damage and repairs needed.

Because this work is often so expensive, property owners might wonder if it’s a good investment or if they can put off the work for several more years if not indefinitely.

image - Is Foundation Repair in Springfield, Illinois, Worth It?
Is Foundation Repair in Springfield, Illinois, Worth It?

A foundation repair contractor near you is the best source of advice when it comes to your property in particular.

After a thorough inspection, your contractor can note the condition of the foundation overall and if it needs immediate repairs.

However, you might note some commonly asked questions about foundation repair Springfield, Illinois, properties, so you can make the best decision for your home or commercial structure.

What Happens When a Structure Needs Foundation Repair in Springfield IL

To better understand the value of timely foundation repair in Springfield, IL, you might note what happens to a structure when it suffers foundation damage.

This information can also alert you to signs of needed repairs for your property!

  • As a concrete foundation weakens, cracks then form. These cracks let in moisture; drywall, wood framing, and other structural materials absorb that moisture, risking rot and other damage.
  • That moisture inside your structure can also risk mold growth while attracting insects and rodents to your property, who also use those cracks as entryways!
  • Excess moisture can also result in standing, stagnant water that holds dust, dirt, bacteria, and other irritants.
  • As a foundation weakens, it doesn’t hold the weight of a structure as it should. Your house or commercial building will then typically begin to sink along one side or the other.
  • Once a structure begins to sink, it pulls on interior and exterior building materials and surfaces. This settling and pulling means wall and ceiling cracks, cracks along with a chimney stack, torn roofing materials, doors and windows that stick or refuse to close and lock securely, and buckled floors.
  • A sinking structure can also pull on plumbing pipes, creating leaks and resultant water damage.

The longer you put off needed foundation repair, the more severe this secondary damage. In turn, you will then be paying for foundation fixes as well as needed wall and ceiling patching, plumbing repairs, and the like.

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Will a Home with a Damaged Foundation Collapse?

Rarely will a home needing Springfield foundation repair outright collapse; however, this doesn’t mean that it won’t happen or that it’s safe to live in a home with a damaged foundation!

Walls and cracked ceiling tiles can collapse, risking severe injury to anyone in the vicinity. Falling ceiling tiles can also damage anything in their path, and these risks are increased if the tiles are holding oversized or glass light fixtures that can shatter on impact.

Mold resulting from trapped moisture and humidity can also be hazardous to your health.

Windows and doors with uneven, sinking frames are also difficult to lock securely, which can risk your safety!

Damaged subflooring might also give out from underneath you when you walk across the floor, which can result in injury.

In some cases, damaged basement walls might begin to bow outward as they struggle to hold up the weight of a home.

Those walls can then collapse, exposing your house to outside elements and allowing insects, rodents, and wildlife easy access to your home’s interior.

What Happens If You Ignore Foundation Repair?

While your home might not outright collapse if you ignore foundation repair, there are many good reasons to schedule needed fixes as quickly as possible.

Avoiding all that secondary damage mentioned above is reason enough to invest in timely foundation repair, but note that your property’s values are affected by a damaged foundation.

Ignoring foundation damage can lower property values while scheduling needed fixes to protect the value of your home or commercial structure.

A structure’s foundation might also suffer so much damage that it might then need house leveling or slab jacking, in addition to concrete patching or pier and beam replacement.

This added work adds to your overall foundation repair costs! Scheduling timely repairs keep those costs to a minimum and also reduces the risk and cost of secondary damage inside and outside your structure.

How Do You Protect a Foundation from Damage?

Protecting a foundation from damage in the first place is the best way to avoid repair costs.

Reducing the risk of foundation damage also means not having to worry about secondary damage such as wall cracks, torn roofing shingles, and buckled floors.

Excess moisture is a common cause of foundation damage, so protecting concrete and piers, and beams under the home from water is one of the best ways of avoiding otherwise unnecessary foundation repairs.

Check with a landscaper about needed grading or sloping of your property, or if a retainer wall would be a good investment.

Waterproofing foundation concrete also helps repel moisture and protect foundations from damage.

For crawl spaces, invest in vapor barrier or encapsulation, to reduce trapped moisture and humidity under the home.

Brace up sagging beams with shims as needed, to keep them strong and avoid cracking and splitting.

How Long Does Foundation Repair for Springfield, Illinois, Structures Last?

Patching concrete cracks and chips with epoxy fillers usually lasts anywhere from 3 to 10 years depending on the quality of the materials, but those fillers might break down after that time so you’ll then need to repeat this work.

House leveling or slab jacking should last for decades, if not indefinitely.

New steel piers and beams should also last for decades before needing repairs; investing in crawlspace encapsulation can ensure your new foundation lasts as long as possible.

Foundation underpinning should also last for decades if not indefinitely.

Basement waterproofing coatings, a dehumidifier, sump pump or French drain installation, and other simple solutions can also ensure your foundation repair in Springfield, Illinois, lasts as long as possible.

Regular inspections also allow you to schedule repairs at the first sign of damage, before cracks deepen and spread and concrete softens, allowing your structure to settle and sink.

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