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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Without Harmful Chemicals

Nothing is more exasperating than the buzzing of the incessant mosquitoes.

Sure, mosquitoes, like any other insects are found everywhere, but it’s still possible to eliminate them from your life, without the need of using the harmful chemicals.

It sounds great, but how is it possible?

image - How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Without Harmful Chemicals
How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Without Harmful Chemicals

Instead of drenching yourself with DEET and spraying toxic chemicals on your compound, Native Shield offers you with all-natural ways to keep mosquitoes away.

Here is a look at how to keep mosquitoes away without toxic chemicals.

Eliminate Any Standing Water

Mosquito breed in stagnate water and so, by eliminating any standing water, you go a long way in keeping the mosquitoes away.

Sure, you’ve obviously heard about this advice, but there are elements that you have might probably be missed.

For starters, look out for any stagnating water in your gardens, gutters, planters, birdbaths, and more.

Empty all the stagnating water and if possible discard items like planter trays that might collect water.

Ensure that you look whether your gutters are clean because they might be the breeding grounds for the mosquitoes.

If there is standing water in your compound that you cannot eliminate, you can use Bti products such as Bactimos, Mosquito Dunks, or Briquettes.


Bti is a bacterium that precisely targets the larval stage of mosquitoes and black flies without causing any collateral damage.

When the mosquito larvae consume the Bti and they die within minutes after digestion.

The best thing about Bti is that it also efficiently keeps away the adult mosquitoes preventing them from laying eggs.

According to the EPA, the risk of Bti to humans is non-existent.

Spraying with Garlic Spray

Another natural remedy of getting rid of mosquitoes is spraying them with garlic pepper or garlic pepper tea.

Garlic is a perfect product in repelling these miniature blood-sucking vampires. This mosquito barrier is prepared from natural garlic juice concentrate, which is mixed with water.

Once you prepare the concoction, you should then proceed to spray every surface of the landscape, including wood decking, trees, mulch, fences, plan material, grass rocks, and anything else that can absorb water.

Generally, for this method to work, it takes at least two weeks of consistent spraying.

And though your residence will have a robust garlic smell, the smell doesn’t linger for long

Scatter Dry Granulated Garlic

Scattering dry granulated garlic in mosquito host areas is yet another effective natural remedy to keep mosquitoes away.

Some of the worst areas that can host mosquitoes include; around trash cans and on tall grasses that are often moist.

You can find the dry granulated garlic from the nearby store.

Broadcast them at 2lbs per 1000 square feet in plants, pots, turf, and beds.

The dry granulated garlic is effective in repelling mosquitoes from your home for about four weeks.

Use Natural Repellents

Regardless of how careful you are in eliminating all the mosquito breeding grounds, you will still have some mosquitoes and this is why you need to invest in natural repellents.

Natural mosquito repellants are available in the local stores.

Normally, these repellents comprise natural plant ingredients including; citrus oil, citronella, aloe vera, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, vanilla, and others.

To use the repellent, simply dab repellent on your clothing and skin to repel the mosquitoes.

Additionally, you can also use a vanilla and orange oil to spray liberally on your clothing and skin.

You can make the repellant spray by mixing two teaspoons of vanilla extract, one teaspoonful of orange oil, and 8 oz of water.


If you are interested in enjoying great outdoors and getting rid of mosquitoes without chemicals, we hope this information is useful to you.

These natural methods will let you keep away from the irritating buzzing, and mosquito bites.

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