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Why Getting Multiple Estimates on Roof Repair Is an Absolute Must

Your roof was damaged during last night’s storm – and there’s a LOT of damage. What now? If you are unsure of how many repairs are necessary or how much these repairs will cost, your first thought is probably to obtain an estimate and quote on fixing the damage.

However, keep in mind that not all estimates are the same. Just like all businesses do not operate in the same way, you’ll find the same holds true for estimates and quotes.

image - Why Getting Multiple Estimates on Roof Repair Is an Absolute Must
Why Getting Multiple Estimates on Roof Repair Is an Absolute Must

A repair that could be $500 for one company could be $1,000 for the next one down the road.

To make sure you get the best deal possible, calling around for multiple estimates on your roof repair is an absolute MUST.

“Call us for a Free Estimate!” Why Multiple Estimates Are the Smart Decision

1. Contractor Estimates are Lower

One of the main reasons you should get multiple estimates on your roof repair is that contract estimates differ from summary pricing.

Summary pricing is the predetermined market value of insurance company services, including costs like labor, materials, and recent storm damage in your local area.

Considering these factors, summary pricing can sometimes increase as much as 40% for ‘in-season work! To avoid paying hefty premiums, call several roof repair contractors in the area to hopefully find a bid lower than the summary pricing.

Make sure you find independent owners or shops that offer the ‘call us for a free estimate’ service so you can compare pricing.

2. Expose Untrustworthy Companies and Contractors

By getting multiple estimates for your repair, you can weed out the untrustworthy contractors who over-sell their capabilities to gain more money from you.

Even though someone may claim to be a roofer, they might not actually have the skills to complete the required job on time and within budget.

Seeking out numerous bids can help expose those who are not qualified to fix your roof. If one of your potential options does not offer ‘call us for a free estimate’ service to provide you with a free quote, don’t trust them with the job.

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3. Your Insurance Might Not Cover Extra Damage

What if further damage is found after your insurance company has already found the company for your roof repair? In this case, your insurance company will make sure the roofer will stick with the original pricing to fix your house.

However, if you use an independent contractor, they can add on the supplemental damage to the total estimate when giving your final bill.

If your contractor won’t provide you with ‘call us for a free estimate’ when giving you a quote on the initial damage, look the other way – you don’t want to be hit with hidden costs at the end of the repair process.


Getting multiple estimates for your roof repair is a crucial step in the process of fixing your home. By analyzing and comparing multiple quotes, you can avoid putting your trust in someone who does not offer the ‘call us for a free estimate’ service.

Without the ability to call for a free estimate, you won’t know the price range of the contractor’s or company’s roof repair services.