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Home Herb Garden Benefits: Growing More Herbs Indoors As Well As Some Vegetables in Winter

Well our vegetable garden has been put to sleep for the next six months and no more fishing for the next six months. It’s going to be another long cold winter which, for me, usually ends in a bad case of cabin fever.

Growing More Herbs Indoors As Well As Some Vegetables
Growing More Herbs Indoors

We’re Growing More Than Just Herbs Indoors in Winter

I have a few house plants that I enjoy growing but they tend to slow right down during the winter because they don’t get enough direct sunlight, but they survive.

Currently we have a few prayer plants I received as a gift more than few years ago. We also have an ivy which is showing in the image top left and then there’s the money tree our son left us when he moved out to Saskatchewan for a job.

Those plants take little to zero maintenance other than water every week or two so that won’t keep me occupied much during the winter. So I have decided to give indoor vegetable gardening a try and see what I can do.

Of Course I’m Growing Herbs Indoors, Again

I started growing herb in the house a few years ago and it’s been great having fresh herbs just a few steps away from the kitchen counter, even in February. Plus it’s been a great way to recycle juice and milk containers that would otherwise be in the local landfill.

Started an herb garden in milk cartons
Started an herb garden in milk cartons
Window space with enough sunlight to grow crops in the winter are very limited in our house. Actually we only have two and they are both in the kitchen.

They are fine for growing our herbs but the herbs take up both windowsills leaving no room for growing other veggies.

Fortunately I purchased a mini greenhouse last spring so I could start our entire garden from seed. Now I will be able to use it to start our indoor vegetable garden.

Mini Greenhouse
Mini Greenhouse

Starting An Indoor Vegetable Garden

Our mini greenhouse has four shelves and is about 2 feet wide by 3 feet long by 6 feet tall. It worked really well and held more than enough seeds for our vegetable garden. We saved more than enough money to pay for the mini greenhouse because we didn’t have to buy starter plants.

Because our kitchen windows don’t reach down to the floor the bottom two racks are only good for storage while using them indoors. I had a bright idea though. By putting two small wooden orange crates under the greenhouse it will raise it enough so that I will be able to use the third rack.

Starting With Shallow Root Veggies

I won’t be able to use large pots or containers because of the spacing between the racks so I am going to start with smaller containers and shallow root crops like lettuce, radishes, peas, beans and cucumbers.

That will take care of the first window in our kitchen. For the second window I plan to grow a couple of varieties of smaller tomato and hot peppers. Growing them in a separate window means they won’t be crowding the smaller plants and blocking that all important sunlight.

Need To Make A Trip To The Hardware Store

I Learned I Need A Few More Things First – I watched a few Youtube videos about indoor gardening and had to wade through a lot of hydroponics videos which I didn’t want. Eventually I found a few videos that showed me examples of their work.

That’s when I realized I could do a better job of indoor veggie gardening by covering the mine greenhouse with aluminum foil to allow the sunlight we do get to reflect off the sides and back giving everything just that much more sunlight. I will also need some duct tape to secure the tin foil.

I also learned I can get fluorescent bulbs that fit into regular light fixtures. They don’t use much power like other fluorescent bulbs and then don’t require a 4 foot fluorescent fixture. This may just be what I need to get those extra hours of sunlight my veggie require.

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Benefits of a Home Herb Garden

Herbs are not only best in outside gardening, if you want to put up a garden inside, it’s still great! Home herb garden is good for you in many reasons. It doesn’t matter where you reside and what type of house you have, you can still grow a bountiful herb garden inside your house. It is recommended that you should place them near the windows so that they can absorb their basic needs for them to develop such as the light and air.

Herbs are adaptable plants by nature; they can grow plentiful in varied areas, outside or inside conditions. You can grow them in pots if you are living in a commercialized area. If you are looking for fresh herbs for your daily cooking recipe or as a natural remedy for simple illness, indoor gardening is a one best way. Even though reasons come out differently, all agreed that doing this kind of hobby is fun and satisfying.

Basil, herbs, green,plant, healthy, pot, herb pot, herb garden
Basil, Herbs, Green, Plant, Healthy, Pot, Herb pot, Herb Garden

This home gardening idea can help you if you are good in cooking. Cooked or fresh menus appear good and taste good if added with fresh herbs. They make the food really delicious because of the wonderful aroma. You don’t need to hurry anymore to the market if you are inspired to cook a dish because fresh herb leaves are ready to be picked right in your kitchen own garden. Sounds appealing, right?

Another advantage is the aromatic ambiance in brings. Because of the relaxing feeling it brings, many choose to do it inside. Herbal plants are used to mix in most moisturizers or body lotions. These plants are known to be the hidden ingredient of some flourishing products. There is a healing value in owning an herb home garden because most folks find it very calming and it can make them get rid of stress. It’s really lovely to observe them growing, from small seeds turning into big plants.

Mostly, these herbs are good in curing purposes like curing simple coughs or fever. They can maintain your fitness and health. You can also make use of them even you are not sick like chewing leafy mints to prevent bad mouth breath or to aid in proper food digestion.

These are only a few benefits the herbs can bring, and if you want to try it for yourself, renovate your roomy kitchen into a potted herb garden. Home herb garden does not only convert your home fresh looking, they too make you look best and feel best.

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