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Your Ultimate Guide to Cheapest Internet and Cable Packages

You already have enough expenses as a homeowner. Regular cable and internet fees just add to your mounting costs. Finding cheaper alternatives could save you thousands of dollars annually!

image - Your Ultimate Guide to Cheapest Internet and Cable Packages
Your Ultimate Guide to Cheapest Internet and Cable Packages

You don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite TV programs or your high-speed connection. There are several ways to watch TV and surf the web for less.

Don’t settle for full price. Here are a few tricks to finding the cheapest internet and cable deals.

How to Find the Cheapest Internet and Cable

Your first step is to find an internet service provider, otherwise known as an ISP. Begin your search by looking for providers that service your zip code.

Your location determines how many cheap internet and TV options you have. Some areas may have more internet providers than others. For example, the San Francisco Bay Area has additional ISPs outside of the major providers, like Comcast.

Some rural towns have limited service areas, which limits buyers’ options. However, more ISPs are expanding rural coverage. Dial-up connection services are still available for rural areas with limited reception, as well.

Enter your zip code into a search engine, along with the phrase “internet service provider” or “internet and TV.” This will bring up a list of the best results for your zip code.

Make a list of the providers servicing your area, so you can start looking for deals.

Take Advantage of Promotional Deals

If you’re using an internet service for the first time, make sure to get a juicy deal first. Most, if not all, internet service providers offer discounts for first-time customers. You can get internet and TV for as low as $39 a month from some providers.

You don’t have to stay with your ISP forever, either. If multiple ISP service your zip code, you can take advantage of additional first-time offers from other providers. You can only use them one time, though!

After signing up with a provider, stay on the lookout for extra deals throughout the year. ISPs frequently blast out deals via email and traditional mail.

Look for any promo codes or online coupons to save money on TV and internet services. Use a coupon site that retrieves deals from all over the web. You don’t want to miss a good bargain!

Cable, DSL, and Satellite aren’t your only choices either. It’s 2020, and there have never been more choices for cheap internet and TV.

Save Money with Streaming Services

Streaming is the new kid on the block and has been giving traditional TV services a run for their money. Not only are streaming services drastically cheaper, but they’re more accessible. Customers can watch their favorite films and shows on their TVs, tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, can cost as little as $5.99 to $8.99 a month. YouTube stepped up its game, offering an advertising-free premium experience for under $12 a month. Members also get access to YouTube premium original content.

Like its streaming counterparts, YouTube also lets subscribers buy or rent new movies. There’s also an impressive selection of free movies. More streaming services, like Vudu, are capitalizing on this model by offering free movies with ads.

Streaming services let customers pick and choose programs, so you’re not saddled with any channels you don’t want. Streaming services typically offer month-by-month payment, so you can pause your services when you’re not using them.

Streaming services also offer promotional deals to first-time customers. While major ISPs may offer a discount, streaming services frequently offer free trials to new customers. Plus, you can cancel at any time before the trial is up.

How to Watch More TV and Movies for Free

Are you looking for more ways to save? Free trials are an excellent way to score free movies and TV shows, but there’s more.

Major TV and cable networks, like ABC, CBS, and A&E, will provide free episodes to viewers. Visit a network website and navigate to your chosen show’s page. You may find one or two free episodes.

TV networks will frequently post the first episode of a season for free. Make sure to watch them fast! These episodes are available for a limited time only.

If you want to watch the rest of the episodes, you’ll need to have an account with that network’s on-demand service.

On-Demand Services

Popular cable networks, like HBO and Showtime, saw the writing on the wall with streaming. Now, both networks offer on-demand streaming without a cable subscription. This has been a game-changer for viewers.

More consumers are cutting the cord in favor of more customized solutions. Now, you can pick and choose what you want to watch, and you don’t have to break the bank for it.

Streaming services from HBO, Showtime, and Starz cost as low as $14.99, $10.99, and $8.99 a month, respectively. Disney Plus costs as low as $6.99 for its basic package.

Major TV networks like CBS, NBC, and ABC offer streaming services now for as low as $5.99 a month. If you want to get rid of commercials, you’ll have to pay a little more, but it will still be under $10 or $12.

Cheap Options for Antennas

If you really want to get your money’s worth with cable and satellite, consider buying an antenna. Antennas have wider broadcast signals, so you can watch more channels outside of your range. This means you get more channels for free!

You don’t have to pay a monthly fee or yearly contract to use an Antenna. Just pay for the equipment and TV antenna installation cost, and you’re good to go. You can also upgrade to a digital TV antenna to enjoy HD programs.

Enjoy Cable and TV without the High Costs

Why pay more when you do have to?

Surf the web whenever you want, and watch your favorite movies and programs without dreading the cost. Follow these tips to find the cheapest internet and cable solutions for your needs.

Need more tricks for saving money at home? Check back daily to discover the latest tips and trends for homeowners.

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