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Your Guide to the Most Luxurious and Exciting Yachts of 2022

The world of luxury is ever-expanding with each year, and yachts are no exception. Thanks to this growth and innovation in the yacht industry, you can find a handful of the best yachts money can buy. A private yacht charter can satisfy all your entertaining needs.

Not only is the yacht an extravagant comfort on the water, but it also offers its own moments of relaxation and escape. If you’re looking for a private yacht charter in Tulum, then it’s the perfect time to go.

Part of what makes Tulum such a great spot to combine fun and glamour is the range of yachts available. If you’re feeling extra hungover from your vacation, then this is perfect for you – there are even bikini babes on board with some very accommodating skippers!

If you’re looking for exciting yacht interior designs and upgrades or ready to trade in your current yacht for a newer model, check out these most luxurious and exciting boats of 2022. You will also love to know about the Largest yachts in the world.

image - Your Guide to the Most Luxurious and Exciting Yachts of 2021
Your Guide to the Most Luxurious and Exciting Yachts of 2022

The “Siren” from Marlow Yachts

Who doesn’t love a good mermaid story? It’s no secret that these mythical characters have enamored sailors for centuries, but the “Siren” from Marlow Yachts takes it to a new level.

This yacht is currently the largest one ever made and comes with every amenity you can imagine. It comes with 8 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a pool, hot tub, helicopter pad, casino, gym, dance floor. The list could go on forever.

It looks something like an underwater palace. The exterior is shaped like a mermaid and her tail, and some of the amenities within the boat itself are inspired by marine life. The Siren is one of a kind and can be yours if you have $30 million to spare.

The Golden Seahorse from Golden Yachts

The golden seahorse is one of the unique yachts on this list because of its theme! It’s inspired by the ocean and designed with a golden manor situated in between two large seahorses.

This yacht comes with all the basics; pool, hot tub, helicopter pad, and eight bedrooms. The Golden Seahorse also has a smaller yacht that it tows around with it that comes equipped with its helipad.

The “Diamant” from Princess Yachts

The Diamant takes luxury and yacht interior designs to a whole new level. This yacht is almost entirely encrusted in diamonds, with a few exceptions, of course.

It’s shaped like a classic sailing ship that would normally be boring, but the Diamant takes it to another level.

It comes with four floors, six cabins, and ten bathrooms for over 12 guests. It also comes with many unique amenities such as a small movie theater, hair salon, and of course, the diamond-encrusted pool.

The “Freedom Ship” from Freedom Yachts

If you’re looking for something big but flashy, look no further than the Freedom ship. This boat can house over 55,000 people! It’s the largest boat in the world and comes with just about anything you could ever need.

The Freedom ship is designed for luxury with multiple restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, and even a park for kids. There are also several pools onboard, including one that lets you look out into the ocean.

The “Tatoosh” from Lurssen Yachts

Built by luxury shipbuilders Lurssen, this yacht is a marvel of engineering and design. It comes with two helicopter pads and three pools, including one with a retractable dome!

The exterior of the Tatoosh showcases an original Alexander Calder color scheme which gives it some pop against the blue background. This ship can accommodate 12 guests in six rooms.

No matter what your preference, there’s a yacht out there for you. If you’re in the market for one or are looking to upgrade, these yachts are sure to please even the pickiest of billionaires.