Today we live in a world where people expect to have instant access to communication streams that are fast and reliable such as the internet and phones.

They have become essential to how we run our businesses but also to how we live our day-to-day lives.

When you have NBN installed by an NBN technician you are getting access to just that. It is the best way to maintain a flow of customers that remains continuous and happy! Even just a few minutes down can cause havoc and disgruntled clients.

Whether at home or in the office you should make sure the devices are safe with an NBN enclosure.

image - Have an NBN Enclosure

Have an NBN Enclosure

Sensitive Devices Need Protection

The NBN cabling contractors take care of putting in the cables from the main street to your home.

But you also have the equipment to have installed in the home including the modem/modems and router.

These are sensitive items that should not be placed in direct sunlight, and should not be placed anywhere near a damp area like a bathroom or kitchen.

Since things like dust, bugs, and such are also something that can cause issues and affect their performance.

Things like poor bandwidth distribution, inconsistency, packet loss, and such can then happen.

Using Rack Enclosures

Rack enclosures are a great way to create an NBN enclosure that protects sensitive equipment. Typically it looks like a cabinet but it is one designed for that particular reason.

On the outside, it just looks like a type of cabinet but there are several partitions inside and bolts or railings to attach the units.

Often the units have a glass window so you can see them without needing to open the cabinet up.

Avoid Moisture and Keep Away Dust and Insects

The good thing about this enclosure is that as well as protecting it from bugs and dust and other particles, it also protects from any moisture build-up.

Even when you position items away from damp zones, humid days still happen and moisture is a problem. The enclosure is also a way to protect from sunlight.

It is designed to fit all the components specifically rather than trying to force them into any cabinet.

With the installation using professional NBN cabling contractors being sure that all the wires leading in and out including those hooked to the devices look tidy and neat is a good idea.

Whether for the home or office it gives you a central place for your network and it makes it easier for an NBN technician to identify faults and which units might be defective.


There are a number of places you can buy a suitable unit to act as an NBN enclosure and some very good reasons to do so. You could even opt to make one yourself, or have someone design and make a custom-made enclosure. Just be sure to choose good quality materials, the better quality you choose the better it will protect your sensitive items.