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Hiring an Electrician: 4 Times It’s a Must Plus Bonus Tips

You might be a master of DIY projects around your home, but when it comes to electrical work, you might be in over your head.

Electrical work is risky, due to potential shocks, surges, or fire breakouts from faulty wiring or repairs. However, Luno.com.au are trained and licensed to do their work, which means they will be able to pinpoint the problem and solve it, keeping you safe.

image - Hiring an Electrician: 4 Times It's a Must Plus Bonus Tips
Hiring an Electrician: 4 Times It’s a Must Plus Bonus Tips

Hiring an electrician for any task outside of changing light bulbs is worth the effort and the cost. Here are some examples of when to hire an electrician, and tips on hiring.

  1. Frequent Tripping of Breakers

When you lose power to parts or all your house, and your neighbors aren’t, then you have tripped a circuit, also known as blowing a fuse.

Usually, you can fix this by switching the offending breaker back on in your main electric panel. But, if this doesn’t help, or you have to repeat this process more than twice, it’s time to call your local residential electrician.

Your circuit might be overloaded, or worn down. Your electrician can add more circuits, or reroute circuits. Updated circuitry can better accommodate the higher wattages that new gadgets and appliances need.

  1. Increase in Electric Bill

If your power bills rise and there is no obvious surge in usage in your home, it may be time to have an electrician inspect your entire electrical system. This is very important if you live in an older home, with older wiring.

The demand for electricity in the average home has grown each year. An old home’s wiring may not be able to support this type of usage. Your electrician can upgrade or even replace your wiring to fix this issue.

  1. Flickering or Dying Lights

If you have light fixtures that flicker when it’s not stormy outside, or you are constantly changing dead light bulbs, you might need some professional help.

First, you can check to see that you are using the correct wattage on all light bulbs. If wattage is too high, it can damage the light bulb socket.

If your wattage is correct, then you might have a wiring or connection problem. Your electrician will be able to isolate the issue and address it for you.

  1. Upgrading Your Property

The benefits of hiring an electrician are many if you are planning to sell or buy a home. Your electric professional can inspect panels and circuitry of the property, and make upgrades to outlets, wiring, and fixtures.

If you are remodeling or adding new appliances to your home, consult an electrician to ensure that all construction will mesh with your existing wiring, or if you’ll need an upgrade.

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Bonus Tips for Hiring an Electrician

Here are some extra things to do when hiring an electrician. Taking the time to research these questions below will save you grief later.

Know the cost:

The per-hour cost for an electrician runs between $50 and $100 per hour. This will vary depending on where you live and the type of job. Emergency work will cost more. To keep costs down, keep a list of non-emergency electrical repairs that your house might need and bundle them together into one service call.

Ask questions:

Make sure your electrician is licensed and insured, and ask for proof. Get their rates upfront and ask if their work includes warranties or guarantees. Finally, ask them if they run on time, and request a phone call if they are running late for your job.

Reviews and References:

Check online for reviews of any electrician you consider. If your electric work is extensive, get references from your electrician. Word-of-mouth is always the best advertisement for reputable home professionals.

With this knowledge, you can be assured of quality and safe electrical work in your home, and you can get back to your own DIY projects with peace of mind!

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