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The Home Building Process: A Step by Step Guide

If you can’t find your dream home on the market, build it yourself. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Building a home isn’t a simple process, but that doesn’t mean the process should feel complicated.

image - The Home Building Process: A Step by Step Guide
The Home Building Process: A Step by Step Guide

If you’re planning to build a custom home, you should understand the home building process from start to finish. This guide will help break down the essential steps to creating your dream home from the ground up.

Find the Lot

Before you can build any home, you have to find a plot of land. Consider where you want to live: the country, suburbs, or city. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

You’ll often get more land in the country and suburbs, but they can be further away from entertainment like theatres and restaurants. City plots may be smaller, but they’re near all the action.

Also, consider if you want to build in a planned development or independently. Developers handle most of the building process for homeowners but can have restrictions on floor plans. Building independently gives you more freedom with choices, but you may have to manage much of the process on your own.

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Consider the Type of Home

Homeowners have two main options when building their homes: spec homes and custom homes.

Spec homes are built-in developments without a buyer in mind. However, if you buy early enough in the building process, you may be able to make cosmetic decisions.

However, with a customized home, you can make every decision from the exterior architecture to the floor plan to the kitchen tiles. These are the major benefits of custom houses.

When you’re building a custom home, be sure to think through all the details. Consider the floor plan, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and how many levels your home will have.

Research and Hire Professional Home Builders

Building a house is not a job for the unqualified, so it’s essential to research and hire the right professionals. You’ll want to have a general contractor to oversee the home building process like framing construction and permits.

On a home build, you’ll also have subcontractors who handle jobs like electrical, HVAC, flooring, and plumbing. A general contractor will help keep all of these subcontractors organized and ensure they’re meeting deadlines and standards.

You’ll want a contractor that has time management, organizational, and communication skills. Be sure to research the home contracting company. Look at their previous work and read reviews from previous clients to help you make a final decision.

Feel Comfortable Building Your Custom Dream Home

Sometimes building a home from the ground up is the best option. When building a custom home you can ensure that all your wants and needs are met.

Of course, building a home is not a simple process, but that shouldn’t make it hard on the homeowner. Understanding the basics of the home building process makes the process easier to manage.

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