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How to Bring the Indoors Out

Australian backyards have always been an essential element in our domestic properties as well as our pride and joy.

As we’ve seen furniture standards rise those old typical plastic tables and chairs move out and far away from our backyards instead a higher standard has been created.

Making your outdoor setting an extension of your current home is the goal that most homeowners are aiming towards, which is especially true after the past year.

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How to Bring the Indoors Out

This means that all spaces of your homes are being utilized for entertainment and general living.

Whether you’re searching for summer outdoor furniture or something that can last throughout all seasons and styles, here’s how to take the time to make your outdoor areas feel as good as the ones indoors.


Making sure your outdoor space is just as comfortable as your indoor space can mean creating a true extension of your space.

This doesn’t mean that just because you can’t use the same furniture outdoors as you would indoors that it has to be plain and boring.

You should be styling your outdoor spaces with the potential to do more than just be functional.

The furniture you use should make you feel proud and uphold the same level that you would with your indoor furniture.

When you’re actually picking outdoor furniture, you shouldn’t feel limited in your choice, as long as you’re choosing materials that are durable and somewhat waterproof to go into these covered outdoor spaces you should have a lot of options.

In terms of the designs, we’re seeing being produced for these ranges of outdoor furniture designers and homeowners are making bolder choices that are more similar to furniture typically found inside.

Outdoor rugs are a recently popular choice that is popping up in outdoor spaces much more often, they’re also a great way to soften a hard outdoor space.

As long as the rugs are well looked after and sheltered from the weather, they can make your outdoor area feel as cozy and warm as your living room.

Paths Between these Areas

If your indoor entertainment zones, like your kitchen and lounge room, are close to your outdoor setting it can make softening the paths between these spaces much easier and nearly seamless.

Being able to open your living room up straight into an outdoor space makes it feel like it’s simply an extension of your home or the same big room.

Making it a perfect space for entertaining as well as opening up the feel of your inside areas.

If your decking or entertainment area is isolated or down the other end of your backyard, there’s no need to stress you can still create similarities and connections between these zones.

Using the same design and style elements from your inside area can help to create a cohesive design.

Using the same color palette and same styling options can help in enforcing this connection.

Another element that can actually help in connecting these zones is through using the same elements in the pathway.

For instance, if your indoor area uses a certain type of wood in the skirting, window, or door frame you should consider using the same wood, so this idea of an outdoor extension is enforced and more believable.

You should also consider installing sliding or bi-fold doors because these doors can literally remove the barrier that could have existed between these two areas.

If you have nothing in the way of this view and pathway it can implement this airy and extended path. Breezy light curtains can also help bring an airy flow between the areas.

Versatility & Styling

By implementing the same style through the use of the same colors and textures you can make this outdoor space feel as if it’s a true extension of your connecting indoor space.

It can be as easy as using a rug with the same colorings or even some of the same decor and accessories.

While styling it can also be a great tip to style with thought. If you can create a space that can be used for a whole range of occasions, it can mean that the space isn’t just used on nice afternoons, but for dinner parties, birthday parties, or anything really.

By creating a space that can be used on any occasion it replicates the ideal of indoor spaces.

It’s also important to consider creating a space that can be used for entertaining no matter the weather.

Most of these outdoor areas have decking or some form of coverage which will work in giving a basic element of protection against the weather.

You can also add some extra precautions, like blinds, that can turn your outdoor space into a more enclosed one, making it really seem like an extension of your indoor space.

When doing this you should also consider making sure all your furniture is weatherproof.

Even if the outdoor space is completely covered it’s a smart choice to use furniture that is specifically for outdoor use in case there’s a leak or serious weather conditions.

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