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How to Clean Gutters

Our homes need clean gutters in order to effectively handle incoming rain. But when they get clogged, rainwater can begin pooling in places we don’t want it to.

When that happens, it could mean water damage to your home, lawn, or garden. It could also cause discoloration to your home’s siding.

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How to Clean Gutters

The best way to prevent this? Clean your gutters on an annual basis.

Wondering how to clean gutters the safe and easy way? Or are you wondering what the average cost to clean gutters is, by paying a professional? Keep reading to find out.

How Getters Get Clogged

You can tell your gutters are dirty and clogged when it’s raining, but hardly any water is coming out of your downspout. That means something is blocking the water flow.

Usually, this is a combination of sticks and leaves that collect from nearby trees. Occasionally, you may find that birds or even rodents make their home inside.

This is especially easy if you don’t have some type of guard installed on your gutters that prevents debris from getting in.

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How to Clean Gutters

Looking to clean out your gutters on your own? If you’ve got a single-story home, it’s not difficult.

Set up a latter just below, or against the gutter. Always have someone holding the bottom of the ladder to prevent falls.

Wear gloves and carry an empty bucket up to the gutter. Take a look to see where buildup is occurring and scoop it out by hand, filling your bucket.

Much of the debris is likely collected in your downspout. Reach into the top to try pulling some out.

You’re also going to want to unscrew portions of the downspout in order to empty them out. When you think you’ve gotten most of the debris, use a hose to flush out the remainder and to test if the flow is unrestricted.

Have a two-story home? It’s not worth trying to clean your gutters on your own. The best way to clean gutters on tall homes is by hiring a professional.

It’s imperative to have tall enough ladders with arms that can safely lean against a high roof. Wondering how much to clean gutters by hiring a professional?

The average cost to clean gutters is between $70 and $250, depending on how many stories your home is, how many feet of gutters, and how many downspouts there are.

What To Pay Attention to While Cleaning Gutters

Most homeowners never get up to their roof to check things out. This is a mistake. Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home.

If it is damaged, you need to know about it right away. Since you are already elevated while cleaning your gutters, this is the best time to inspect your roof.

Examine all the singles to ensure there aren’t any holes, missing shingles, or shingles that are peeling or curling.

Check out the seal around your chimney to ensure no moisture or critters can slip through. If you can, remove sticks, leaves, and other debris from your roof to prevent mold, mildew, and animal habitat. And of course, make sure your gutters are intact.

If you notice any issues with your roof, have it fixed immediately. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense. Contact Ragsdale Roofing and Innovations LLC for easy, honest roofing and gutter repairs.

Keep Those Gutters Clean

If you live in climates that experience winter snowfall, it’s imperative that you have clean gutters before heavy snow.

The end of fall is a great time to clean them out, after most of the leaves have fallen and before snow and ice build-up. That way, you are ready for the spring melt and rainfall.

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