Drain a hot tub? Sure, we can do that

First, let’s talk about the benefits of draining your hot tub at regular intervals. It will keep it clean and fresh for you to enjoy more time in it!

We’ll also discuss how often you should drain your hot tub so that you don’t forget and miss out on all the great benefits of doing so.

And finally, we’ll go over some steps on how to actually drain the water from the spa after giving instructions on what tools are needed to get started with this task.

image - How to Correctly Drain a Hot Tub (In-Depth Guide)

How to Correctly Drain a Hot Tub (In-Depth Guide)

This article is an in-depth guide on properly caring for your equipment by draining your hot tub at regular intervals and when necessary.

Drain your inflatable hot tub regularly for the best results. To maintain your hot tub, you will need to drain it from time to time.

You may want to schedule a professional draining service for the climate you live in or the frequency of use for your specific spa. Your bromine and chlorine systems work together well as they keep the water clean.

You can change the water every few months to keep the hot tub clean and healthy. The salt-water systems need only to be changed once a year, so how do you drain a hot tub? Let’s take a look.

Using a Spigot

Determining how to clean your hot tub before you buy it is not always easy. But one great way to do so is by draining the water using the spigot of your pool.

The first step in draining a hot tub is to stretch a hose from the tub to an open drain.

You should turn off any pumps that may be running and then disconnect any power cords, as these are most likely causing the water level to rise (and not go down) when they’re on.

When you’re sure that the power has been turned off, locate the drain spigot on your hot tub. Attach the hose to that as instructed in your instruction manual.

There are two parts to draining the hot tub: connecting the spigot and opening it. Over time, water will accumulate in the bottom of a hot tub.

The best way to remove it is to hook up a drain hose from an outside faucet into a bulb on your pump assembly at the base of your hot tub or near one side.

It takes an average of 1-2 hours to drain a good-sized hot tub. Once you’ve emptied the water, it’s time for thorough cleaning to get rid of any unwanted debris from that last use before refilling the spa and starting all over again!

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Using an Internal Pump

As hot tub owners are well aware, draining the spa without a pump can take upwards of four hours.

Thankfully, most hot tubs come with built-in in-line hoses that allow one to mount a submersible pump within the spigot and easily expel all water from the spa.

It’s as simple as that—but you must be extremely careful to make sure it’s done safely.

First, unplug the tub and then attach a pump on one end of an adequate-length hose to the hot tub and drain your water carefully into a sewer or stream.

Unlike other appliances, the pump is not operated by immersion in water; instead, it vents air on its own.

So to drain your tub, insert the pump into the water and turn it on so that it can evacuate as much of the water as possible before you clean out the shell. It will make replenishing your hot tub easy.

Draining and cleaning your hot tub for the season can prolong its life.

After giving your hot tub a good clean and refilling it with fresh water, you’re able to enjoy it again with friends and family.