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How a House with Fire Damage Can be Restored

Fire, while we utilize it for many beneficial purposes, also has the power to destroy. House fires are devastating whether they happen with you there or not. This could be caused by a pressing iron left plugged in or a leaky gas line, whatever the cause, the damages could be overwhelming.

image - How a House with Fire Damage Can be Restored
How a House with Fire Damage Can be Restored

In this article, we will walk through the steps that any concerned homeowner should take after a fire. Of course, we don’t expect you to handle all repairs yourself. Consider this a tip on what repairs you could expect from a fire restoration company.

Call Your Insurance Company

After spending big bucks on monthly premiums, now is the time to cash it in. Contacting your insurance company as soon as possible is very crucial when making a report. Upon making your report, an insurance adjuster will be sent to your home.

Their job is to take proper inventory of any damage to the property while your job is to ensure nothing is left out. If damages are found after you have collected your claim, they won’t be covered by the insurance company. You can learn more about this here.

Depending on your insurance company and the plan you’re on, they might reimburse you for estimated damages, restore the building themselves with the help of a restoration company, or simply get you a new home.

If a restoration company is hired, here are the different damages/repairs you can expect them to handle.

image - Call Your Insurance Company

Water Damage

It might be shocking to learn that water used in putting out fires causes some damage. You see, during a fire, gallons of water are directed towards the target at high pressures. It’s not an exaggeration when we say gallons because if you ever enter the ground floor of a home saved from a fire, chances are that you would be knee-deep in water.

Now imagine this in various rooms, it’s not a pretty picture, is it? Water on its own is pretty harmless but in certain circumstances, this changes. In a fire, various objects get burned, known and unknown.

As this happens, contaminants are released, and water helps out by circulating it evenly. This is why restoration companies wear protective clothes to do their job.

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Water could also lead to rapid generation of molds, add this to the toxins in the air and you have a dangerous combination. Visit https://www.youtube.com/ to learn more about the dangers of molds.

Even if you’re not ready to start other repairs on your home, ensure you handle water damages as soon as possible. This is going to save you expenses in the future.

You can handle water damage yourself or make a considerable impact at the very least. Once you have siphoned excess water from the rooms, remove anything which could retain it. By this, we mean couches, rugs, insulation, etc.

Structural Damage

In the event that a serious fire occurs, damage to your furniture and appliances could be the least of your worries. While furniture and gadgets are undoubtedly important, there is another thing to watch out for and that is structural damage.

House fires occur at tremendous temperatures, causing what is called heat damage. When this occurs, pillars, loadbearing walls, and even the foundation could become compromised. Certain portions might need to be demolished and rebuilt again and you need to prepare yourself for the possibility.

image - Structural Damage

Electrical Damage

A fire strong enough for you to need the services of a restoration company would most likely damage your electrical systems. Depending on the nature of the damage, several rooms might need to be rewired and the house run through a safety test.

Even if you feel like your electrical systems are not damaged, you must have them inspected. Neglecting to do this could result in another fire breakout, which isn’t something you would want.

Plumbing and Gas line Damage

If the heat from a house fire can affect the foundation, plumbing and gas pipelines will most likely be damaged too. A restoration company would inspect your house for damages to these channels. Most companies could handle the repairs themselves, if not, you would be referred to a reliable contractor.

Tips For Choosing the Right Restoration Company

Overall, getting everything fixed or restored is not a walk in the park and definitely not something you can just DIY. It’s best to get help from professionals who know what they are doing. Below are some tips that should help you pick the right company.

Prioritize Location

A company close to your house is the ideal choice for you. Their services would be cheaper considering logistics fees would be reduced. Since they’re close by, they can come to your rescue a lot faster and possibly limit the degree of damage.

You also get to benefit from multiple visitations, something you might lack if you recruited a company far from you.

image - Prioritize Location

Ensure They’re Insured

A restoration company’s job is prone to accidents, these accidents could affect your building and workers. You’re still recovering from the damage to your house, you don’t want to be left without a safety plan if further damages occur.

Also, a house damaged by fire might have had its structural integrity compromised as we mentioned above. While it is nobody’s wish, accidents might occur as a result. If one were to befall a worker on your premises, chances are a hefty lawsuit might follow since you hired a restoration company that’s not insured.

Ensure You Understand Their Pricing Model

Money is going to be on your mind after taking a hit to your house. You should keep this in mind as you look for a restoration company too. To make this research properly, you need to understand the exact repairs you might need.

Once you understand this, look for companies that offer these services because some are niche-specific. For instance, some restoration experts only help with water-related damages. Once you have found a contractor you like, have a look at their estimated delivery time.


Good companies leave satisfied customers, if you follow this trail, you should find a company you can work with. Search in online communities and forums about any prospect you intend to follow up on.

Final Thoughts

A house fire affects your shelter, finance, and overall comfort. However, If you restore your house properly it could be as good as new. We hope the information in this article guides you to make the right decision.