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How to Keep Government Buildings Safe

The security of government buildings, and other government facilities, affect not only the daily activities, but also the safety, well-being, and health of employees and the public.

In most cases, burglars and terrorists are the major threats to government security.

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How to Keep Government Buildings Safe

There is no doubt that we are living in the hassle of challenges and difficulties. Every day, we come across different security and illegal threats.

Security is one of the essential things that you must consider for government building employees and the public.

It is essential to everyone’s safety that government buildings must upgrade their security needs. Adequate security measures can ensure that your government building and employees are kept safe at all times.

Here’s how you can easily keep your government buildings safe.

Protect the Entire Government Building Infrastructure

Keep unauthorized personnel out using an alarm monitoring system that will automatically dispatch security agencies in cases of emergency.

Also, make sure the entire perimeter of the property is FE-BR (Forced-Entry-Ballistic Resistant) or is built from materials that are force and blast resistant.

This must include roofs, walls, windows, doors, and fencing. All the essential things must be thoroughly tested and should be hard to invade or obstruct.

Safeguard the Building against Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors in your entire building. If the sensors get triggered by rising CO levels or smoke, the alarm will immediately notify the emergency response team and alert the government employees to evacuate.

In case of a fire, some additional features can easily save lives and reduce infrastructure loss.

Duct Smoke Detectors

These detectors will automatically shut down the ventilation ducts and reduce the smoke inhalation risks.

Manual Pull Stations

This station will trigger the alarm and notify the workers and patrons that a fire has occurred.

Heat Activated Sprinklers

These sprinklers are mainly used to control the fire before the emergency response team arrive at the destination.

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Execute Emergency Evacuation Process with Ease

All the employees and workers must be familiar with the evacuation and emergency alert systems. Visual cues and alarms will automatically notify all the building employees of a forthcoming threat.

You can also consider giving notification access to high-level government employees in the event of any significant threat.

For instance, mobile alerts can notify the security team when someone has accessed the restricted area. In high-security regions, you must implement a specific panic button, which will automatically trigger the alarm and notify all the members.

Offer Limited Access Provisions

Security guards and other safety equipment, such as metal detectors, are mostly used in the form of access control by government building. Access control equipment must be installed at the entry of the building.

Employees or individuals that have gained access to the government building by approved means might pose the major insider threats.

Before providing access to high-security areas or information, you must implement effective reliability programs and make sure background checks are clear.

Also, access control systems like photo identification systems, access cards, and swipe cards, can monitor government employees and individuals throughout the entire building and alert the security team when the access is denied.

Keep a Thorough Watch Everyday

Video surveillance is one of the essential things to ensure the safety inside and the surrounding government buildings. Surveillance automatically detects the crime and serves as a reliable source in the event of an emergency situation.

Government building security team can easily monitor the video surveillance in real-time with some additional benefits of motion-triggered settings in high-security areas.

When necessary, video analytics and archived chips make it easy for the security team for building traffic, review incidents, and recurring visitors.

Key Control

If an automated access control system is not useful for your specific situation, then having a quick procedure for distributing and controlling keys is essential.

Assign keys and the responsibility of locking and unlocking the building to some selected individuals.

The procedure must include detailed instructions on locking and unlocking the government building, including checking of closets, washrooms, or areas where someone can easily hide.

For full control, physical keys must be numbered and assigned to some selected individuals. Also, a regular audit of the original keys is very essential.

You must always invest in computerized key systems, as they can never get copied and ensure the safety and security of your government building.

Cyber Security

Protection against significant cyber threats is as important as keeping your government building safe. Therefore, you must invest in superior protection from spyware, malware, worms, Trojans, and viruses should be your top security priority.

Your cybersecurity plan must always include firewalls, security for wireless internet connections, as well as safe backups for data in case of a significant cyber-attack.

Employee Training

The most number of breaches are a result of inside action of employees who do it intentionally and maliciously, or through carelessness.

Training employees on best policies and practices are helpful to prevent breaches and security risks due to human error, must be your top priority.

Protect Paper Copies

Not all government businesses can afford to go digital. This means you might have some confidential data lying around your building.

If you are in this particular situation, make sure to install file cabinets in your building and lock them securely. With this, you can help stop people from accessing your sensitive data.

If someone tries to get in, they must have to be capable of breaking the locks quickly.

Consult a Security Expert

Even if you implement effective security measures in your government building, it is still easy to miss a minor detail.

A security expert can have a detailed look at your buildings’ security system and will tell you things that you must fix. This small payment can save you a lot more money in the future.

Final Words

Security threats are not always limited to the attacks from outside, but can also come from within our business. So, always implement effective security measures that can easily safeguard your government building.

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