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How Much Does a Tube Laser Cutter Cost? Your Complete Cost Guide

When searching for a tube laser cutter many factors determine the price. Do you need both tube and 2D cutting or can you get away with only tube cutting? What about new versus used?

With so much variation on what you can have a tube laser do, the price will vary greatly. So, how can you accurately price a tube laser cutting machine? Well, read on to learn how much a tube laser cutter costs!

image - How Much Does a Tube Laser Cutter Cost
How Much Does a Tube Laser Cutter Cost

What Are Your Needs?

The thing to keep in mind when searching for a tube laser is what do you need it to do. For example, do you need something just for engraving and cutting wood, paper, or plastic? Or are you looking for something that will cut metal?

If you are a hobbyist, then you can get away at the lower end of the price range. Where the price really skyrockets is when you need a laser to actually cut metal. You need to know the size of the material that you want to cut as well.

Do you need a regular printer size, or do you need a larger cutting bed? Laser cutters can go up to 3,000 x 12,000 mm cutting beds. The larger the bed, the more expensive the tube laser.

The golden rule for tube laser cutting machines is to double a laser’s power to double its cutting speed, as well as how thick material can be cut. The thickness of the material you need to cut can run the price up quite a bit.

When thinking about materials, you need to know what sorts of materials you need to cut.

Another factor to keep in mind, is what sort of tube laser do you need? For most jobs, the CO2 laser tube will work fine, however shiny and reflective materials require a fiber laser tube.

Getting up to industrial levels starts at $275,000, and can go up past $1,000,000, especially when adding the automation extras.

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New Versus Used

New versus used is the eternal question that we ask ourselves every time we make a big purchase. With tube lasers is comes down to the same questions. Is it worth the risk of buying something that may cost more than buying a new machine in the future?

While it’s true that sometimes you get a bad deal buying used, but you can get legitimately good deals by being smart. Buy from reputable resellers and avoid things like online or newspaper classifies. If you are careful, it’s possible to get a steep discount.

Brand new machines, however, don’t have the risk factor to them. You know what you’re getting. Not only that, but you’ll have more customization options as well.

Tube Laser Cutting Machines

Buying a tube laser cutter is a big investment whether you buy new or go used. Price varies a great deal depending on what you need to cut and how much. Just keep all these factors in mind, and you can’t go wrong when buying a tube laser cutter! You may check, DXTECH tube laser cutter that will be helpful for you.

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