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How Much Does Roof Repair Cost? A Homeowner’s Guide

After the snow has died away and the sun is shining more, it may be evident that your roof is in need of repairs. You’ll want to tackle the repairs fast, as spring showers may cause the problem to accelerate.

But how much does roof repair cost?

Here is the break down of costs that go into repairing a roof so that you’re prepared.

image - How Much Does Roof Repair Cost A Homeowner's Guide
How Much Does Roof Repair Cost A Homeowner’s Guide

What Type of Roof Is It?

Roof problems stem from the type of roof that it is. The most common type of roof is composite shingles, but these also come with the problem of being cheaper and more likely to be damaged.

Not only do shingles fly off more, but the roof itself doesn’t hold up well to storms and weather damage.

For each square footage of shingle, you’re looking at $2 to $4 per square foot.

The next most common type of roofing out there is a metal roof. Metal roofs typically hold up to weather and extreme conditions compared to shingles.

This makes the metal more appealing for the long run, as it is more expensive, but you might not need to pay for repairs as often.

Metal roofing can cost anywhere from $6 to $12 per square foot. They are also laid in sections like shingles, so you don’t need to fix the entire roof as if it were one giant piece of metal.

What Type of Repairs Does Your Roof Need?

After the material has been figured out, it comes down to the damage that needs repairing. Depending on the type of damage will help determine the cost of materials and labour.

For instance, you might have a minor leak that you just noticed the other day. When you get to the roof, you notice that one of the metal shingles is cracked and that is causing the leak.

From here you call out a roofing repair service like Greeley Roofing to assess the damage.

If it is just a single piece of shingle and they need to replace and tighten the rest for maintenance, you might only pay around $250. The more extensive the damage though, the more this cost can go up.

But say your roof is fine and you notice it is your skylight has a crack and is causing the leak instead. This is a pretty simple fix, depending on the skylight, and might only cost around $250 to at tops $1000.

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How Big Is the Damage?

Repairing a roof and determining the cost also comes down to how big of a problem you’re dealing with. You can Go Now, click on the given link to learn that any warped, cracked, or misshapen shingles are some telltale signs you need a roof replacement.

Let’s say instead of just a single piece of metal shingle being cracked, you get up to the roof and notice that an entire section has been ripped out and the underlayments are completely torn up.

Well instead of only costing a couple hundred, this cost can now easily get into the thousand dollar range. Depending on how many shingles and underlayment are needed, your cost can easily get to $1500 or more.

Not only is this affected, but say your chimney has also sustained damage over the winter and needs to be repaired. You can now chalk on as much as $2500, depending on the extent of the issue.

Should You Replace the Roof Instead?

While it may be a heavier upfront cost to getting the house up and running, the benefit of not worrying about more repairs may be worth it.

The first thing to consider is how long you’ve had your current roofing system. Composite shingles are the most popular option for roofs, but that is because they’re cheap. They only last around 12 to 20 years at the most.

Roofs made of other materials like concrete, metal, clay, or wood shingles can expect a much longer lifespan out of their roof. These roofs can last anywhere from 30 to 60 years, depending on the weather conditions of your location.

Consider replacing your roof if you know that it is near the end of its lifecycle.

General Maintenance Versus Repairs?

People often forget that their roof should receive preventative maintenance instead of waiting for them to be repaired.

But you can call your roofing company and ask them to do an inspection and see if there are any problems twice a year, which will only cost around $200, depending on if you’re an existing customer or if the company is running any specials.

By doing general maintenance twice a year, that $400 dollars may end up saving you thousands in the long run.

You’ll be able to address problems while they’re small and get them out of the way, rather than letting them build up and become a structural issue.

What Can Cause Roof Damage?

Your roof can be damaged from multiple different forces of nature, with rain and wind being the most dangerous.

Composite shingles can only handle winds up to 110 MPH, meaning that if you live in a hurricane area, you might want to consider going metal or clay tiles.

These high winds and rains can tear the roof apart and cause leaks that can lead to other problems.

On the other end, if you live in a northern state, you have to worry about ice dams. Ice dams occur when you’re experiencing constant freezing and melting of water on the roof.

When it is frozen on the roof, the water can seep underneath the roof, causing other issues.

Use This Roof Repair Cost Guide to Get Your House up and Running Again

By using this roof repair cost guide, you should understand the importance of roof upkeep now. Get the roof check at least once a year to ensure that nothing goes wrong, as it is always cheaper to fix a problem before it becomes a problem.

If you want to learn more about keeping your house in pristine condition, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. If you know someone dealing with a leaky roof, be sure to share this article with them.