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How Should You Prepare Your Heating System for Heating Season?

The air conditioning system should be treated differently in winter than in summer. To get the system to work properly throughout the year, homeowners should consider taking a few simple steps to ensure they will feel warm inside their houses when cold winter months come.

To prepare the air conditioning system for winter, you can either preserve climate technology before the onset of heat or prepare it for low temperatures. Your air conditioner should support the heating functionality according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

image - How Should You Prepare Your Heating System for Heating Season
How Should You Prepare Your Heating System for Heating Season

What Do Ac Repair Specialists Do?

The most common services delivered by the AC repair specialists include:

  • Refrigerant pumping in the outdoor unit;
  • Cleaning the indoor unit;
  • De-energizing the system completely to ensure it doesn’t turn on accidentally;
  • Installing a protective visor over the outer unit so that the icicles do not fall on it.

Should You Turn on The Unit in Winter?

In winter, many homeowners do not turn on their air conditioning units because they fear the frost can damage their devices. However, failures may occur even when the units are turned off. This is because some AC systems were installed, violating the installation standards. Cold adversely affects AC units’ materials and components and important technology components.

If you do not plan to turn on the air conditioner in cold weather, your properly installed devices do not require any extra procedures. It’s enough to de-energize the unit for the winter season, clean it in time, and carry out all required preparatory processes.

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If you decide to keep the air conditioner for the winter, contact AC repair specialists for professional assistance. We will take care of it throughout the year. If you need the help of professionals who can take care of the HVAC conservation, contact our team. Our staff is well-trained to perform such actions as:

  • Avoid lacking refrigerant by transferring it to the outdoor unit of the device.
  • Blocking the AC operation so that the owner cannot turn on the unit in winter.
  • If there is a risk of damaging the outdoor unit by falling ice, we create a protective cover for the outdoor unit.

What if You Use the Ac In Frost?

If you want to use the air conditioner in winter, please be advised that the device may get out of order unless you prepare for the frosty season properly.

Experts recommend buying a “winter kit, ” which includes a speed controller for the cooler of the external unit of equipment, a compressor heater, and a heating device for drainage to keep it operating smoothly. Using a “winter kit” can significantly prolong the air conditioner’s operation and increase its performance.

The owners of reversible air conditioners can use them all year round. The devices featuring a ductless heat pump come with many advantages. That’s why it’s recommended to install such devices if you plan to use them in winter.

Even if your air conditioner is not a reversible one, it may still come in handy for you in winter. When the air in the room gets too stuffy because of the central heating, you can turn on the air conditioner in the fan mode to make the air in the room a bit more comfortable.

However, when using the air conditioner in winter, you should mind that it operates differently from the way it does in warm weather. You may experience a lowered efficiency in frosty conditions. Even though your device is designed to work in winter, it’s primarily intended for use when the outside temperature is higher than the indoor temperature.