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How Do You Stop Pigeons from Pooping on Your Roof?

There is no natural way to stop wild birds like pigeons from doing what they want because they could do it and then quickly fly away.

The Wildlife and Countryside act also protects wild birds, so you cannot kill them or simply “get rid” of them. It needs to be done professionally, and they need to be humanely placed in a more secure habitat.

image - How Do You Stop Pigeons from Pooping on Your Roof
How Do You Stop Pigeons from Pooping on Your Roof

What is a lucky thing for humans as far as pigeons are concerned is that the pigeons’ intelligence is compared to other animals.

It is being ranked far above those animals when further compared to humans. Research has shown that there is a likeliness to their behavioral patterns and similar living conditions.

One of those patterns is how they prefer to use the same surroundings for certain things, and pooping is one.

These behavioral patterns should most certainly make cleaning pigeon droppings so much easier because they can be considered predictable.

Is Pigeon Poop Dangerous?

Many studies have shown that it can be perilous and biohazard to small children, older people, or anyone with a compromised immune system.

Keeping your home free of guano or pigeon droppings is essential if you see a lot of it gathering in one place.

Pigeons do not poop in flight because they do not want to get any of their excrements on themselves, so they are likely to look for a spot where they are comfortable and then return to that spot repeatedly.

If they have young, then they are also expected to bring them along or nest nearby. Their guano turns to dust when it dries and can cause serious infections when you inhale it.

You need to make sure that when you spot them around your home that you have taken all precautions to prevent them from leaving poop around, and here are some tips on how to keep them from coming back.

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How to Prevent Pigeon Pile Up?

  • You need to create an uncomfortable environment that deters them from wanting to land on your roof.

Pigeons prefer open spaces for their bathrooms, and because they do not like interacting with their poop, they will want to use a space that keeps them from using the exact spot.

Using installation wire roughly 1.5 meters apart around the perimeter or sunroofs and attics where they might want to gather will stop them from trying to sit there.

It’s an affordable way to keep them away for a while, but bear in mind that weather conditions can affect this, and if it lifts, the pigeons will likely come back.

  • Hire a professional pest removal company to clean on the top of your roof and then use a strong chemical repellent to keep them from landing.

The clean environment might seem like an invitation to pigeons, but certain chemical sprays help.

Cleaning out the gutters on your roof also helps keep them away because they won’t have any material to make a nest with and will deter them from roosting.

  • Fake owls might sound like a crazy thing, but they scare off pigeons. Mechanical owls might be a little far-fetched, but the ones that move with the wind, similar to weather birds, are beneficial when it comes to keeping these pesky birds at bay.
  • Reflective light strips might be the most affordable way to keep pigeons from sitting on your roof all day.

They can be found at most hardware stores and, after having the roof cleaned, can easily be glued onto parts of the top to blind pigeons when they try to land.

  • Anti-roosting spikes help keep them from taking a rest on the roof to scout for nesting material or food. They usually use the bathroom as well, so the less chance they have to try and rest, the less likely they are to make themselves comfortable on your roof.
  • Keep the areas around your home as clean as possible on the outside. Pigeons are less likely to leave quickly if a reliable food source is close by for feeding themselves or their young.

Keep your outside garbage bins as clean as possible at all times if you find that you have a problem with pigeons. You might have already safeguarded your windows, but there is still a food source, then your roof might become prey to their nesting.

  • Cap your chimneys. Pigeons are known for nesting in vents, so get a metal cap with a wire release from the inside to stop them from coming in there. They could get stuck and die there from smoke inhalation.

If you do have a suspicion that there might be birds in your chimney, call the professionals to come and clear them out. Remember that it is illegal to do it yourself.

  • Hose them down. Abundant water usage is a very temporary solution, but if you find these unwelcome guests around, spray them with your hose on high water pressure to make their stay as uncomfortable as possible.
  • Pigeons are bullies, so do not feed any other birds around your property either. It will only encourage them to chase off the other bird to keep all the loot for themselves.

Even if you wish to live harmoniously with other living things, it is essential to know that pigeons are bullies, and they are very likely to take over in the area where they have found the most comfort.

You also don’t want to chase them away from one area of your home to discover that you have created another problem elsewhere.

Their living conditions can be unpleasant for other domestic animals as well, so you will need to make sure that not only is your home safe but that your furry family is also in safe hands outside.

If your problems with pigeon infestations persist, then seek the assistance of a professional removal company that can help you to move them into a place that is better suited for them and healthier to live around for you.

Alert the authorities if the problem has progressed only to a neighboring yard and is still creating a problem for you.

It is your civil duty to inform the police if the animals are not being removed humanly. The Wildlife and Countryside Act protects these creatures, so do stick to the law and call a professional company instead.

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