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How to Accessorize Around Your Togo Sofa

The Togo sofa is a statement worthy piece of furniture, and if you’re thinking of buying and setting one up in your home, you’ll need to erect your surroundings to complement its unique design. Today, we’ve compiled a helpful guide on how you can accessorize the surroundings around your Togo sofa. Let’s take a look:

Accessorize Around Your Togo Sofa

  1. Rugs and Statement Art

If your Togo sofa set is in an elegant and understated color, then you’ll need to spruce up the surroundings to complement it. It’s best that you select an area rug that features a highly distinctive pattern.

Rugs and Statement Art - How to Accessorize Around Your Togo Sofa
Rugs and Statement Art (source)

It will spice up the foreground exponentially while highlighting the simple, comfortable build of your sofa set. You can also use a statement art in muted or monochromatic colors in the backdrop to highlight the tasteful upholstery of your sofa set.

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  1. Pattern on Pattern

Pattern on Pattern - How to Accessorize Around Your Togo Sofa
Pattern on Pattern (source)

If your Togo sofa set has a starkly patterned upholstery then you can create a backdrop that highlights that specific pattern. The best way to do that is by using wallpapers, shoujo screens or artwork that features large patterns that counteract, balance and complement the ones on the upholstery.

You can take it to the next level by decorating with beautiful light fixtures and gorgeous end tables to create a stylish ambiance.

  1. Shelves in the Background

Another great way to accessorize your Togo sofa is by designing complementary shelves in the background. They’ll help you feature other contrasting decoration items while providing a nice layout for the background.

Shelves in the Background - How to Accessorize Around Your Togo Sofa
Shelves in the Background (source)

You can choose a number of display accessories that highlight and complement the design of your Togo sofas to put on these shelves. These may include picture frames, word art, lamps, bottle and even small planters.

  1. Stylish Paint Jobs

One of the simplest ways you can accessories the background around your Togo sofa is by simply going for a uniquely painted accent wall. You can opt for sponge technique or customized designing in colors that will contrast the upholstery of your sofa set.

Stylish Paint Jobs - How to Accessorize Around Your Togo Sofa
Stylish Paint Jobs (source)

Make sure that these colors have opposite visual character – blue and orange, red and green, black and white, etc. – so that your ambiance may stand out in an effortless manner.

  1. Colorful Explosion

One of the best ways you can accessorize your Togo sofa set is by choosing all accessories around in bright, vividly attractive colors.

Colorful Explosion - How to Accessorize Around Your Togo Sofa
Colorful Explosion (source)

The idea is to add a fun, retro aura to the whole setting, so try going for poppy artwork, brightly colored floor and throw pillows and boldly patterned accessories. They’ll help accentuate the unique design of your Togo sofa to the fullest.

These are some creative ideas you can use to emphasize the style and anthropomorphic build of your Togo sofa sets. We hope these ideas help inspire you to make the best of your own home ambiance!

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