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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom should be beautiful and comfortable, not necessarily in that order. Homeowners renovating bathrooms or even building a new one from scratch often tend to focus on what accessories they want to buy instead of what they need to buy.

Shopping for accessories is almost a limitless exercise with a vast range of some exquisite pieces to choose from. However, before going about it randomly, talk it over with your builder or renovator on which accessories will exactly match the design and theme of your bathroom.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Accessories
How to Choose the Best Bathroom Accessories

Your budget will also determine the type of accessories that you should buy. For example, you might want a huge tub installed in a corner, but you have to see whether the existing plumbing network extends to that place. Putting new pipes can set you back substantially.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Accessories

Here are a few guidelines to consider before choosing the best bathroom accessories.

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Fix a Budget

Decide on a budget that you want to allow for accessories apart from the other costs of renovation. This will help when you shop for them. Prioritise the “must-haves” and find the approximate prices for them. Only if you see that you have leftover funds should you purchase the luxury items that you have always dreamt of? Whatever you buy should be from a reputed store. Look for quality and durability even if you have to stretch your budget.

Know What Is Important

Before looking for bathroom products, evaluate what you need. Check the size of the bathroom and then decide on the accessories. For example, tubs are available in various sizes and you should not buy one that occupies most of your bathroom space. Being cramped for space and being uncomfortable without room to move around easily will worry you for life. Buy accessories that will suit your lifestyle.

Do Not Focus On Brands

Do not think about brands when you go shopping for accessories. It does not necessarily mean that brands that are popular are the best buy regarding both price and quality. Look into the specific functions of a product and whether it suits your purpose rather than the brand stamp on it. You will also find unbranded items of equal quality but lower price.

Consider Available Space

First, consider the size of your bathroom before buying accessories. Some accessories take up a lot of space and you should avoid buying them if your bathroom is small. Do not crowd your bathroom. For example, a wall mounted cabinet with a mirrored door over the sink instead of vanities can save some floor space for other accessories. The critical point is the function and your comfort.

Buy Good Quality Affordable Items

If an accessory is costly, it need not necessarily be better than others. That’s a misconception that most homeowners have. You will find affordable items in the top stores in your city that are in no way inferior to the high priced ones.

For instance, if you are a resident of Melbourne, Australia, go through the collection of Middletons Bathroom Vanities. You will find that they stock top of the line bathroom accessories which are reasonably priced and well within reach of the ordinary person.

Choose Best Bathroom Accessories
Choose Best Bathroom Accessories

List out Priority Items

You should list out the items that have to be bought in order of priority starting from those that are necessary to ones that you would like to have if space permits. Sinks, faucets, floor drains and showers will be at the top followed by tubs, grab rails, soap dish, and towel hangers. Choose accessories that complement the theme and other decors of the bathroom such as colour and lighting.

Choose Fittings That Match Each Other

This aspect is necessary if there has to be an aesthetically pleasing look to your bathroom. Most of the primary bathroom fixtures such as faucets and showerheads should complement the other fittings. If you have a sink and a tub that match each other in design, choose faucets and showerheads that go along with it.

A gooseneck faucet is ideal for the classic look while a porcelain-brass combo will match with embellished fixtures. However, do not put more emphasis on looks than functionality and performance as these are what counts in the long run.

Choose Neutral Colours

If you choose plain neutral tones at the start and match your accessories with the decor, you can change the theme of your bathroom from time to time without changing the accessories. Neutral colours usually go with all types of accessories and hence there will be no need for substantial investments in accessories whenever you want to change the look of your bathroom.

Select Proper Lighting

Strictly speaking, lighting is not a part of bathroom accessories but they add so much value to a bathroom that it is considered to be as crucial for the overall looks as the usual bathroom products. Proper lighting can give a great feel to a bathroom and highlight the accessories optimally. Some of the options before you are pendants, wall sconces, and LED vanity lights. What you choose to install depends on the size of the bathroom.

These are some of the tips to choose the best accessories for your bathroom.

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  • You have some awesome insight here! Staying away from overcrowding your bathroom is so crucial to maximizing the space you have. Choosing neutral colors is a must too, we appreciate the on trend and up to date advice!