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How to Grind Meat at Home | You Should know Everything

Meat grinding is a secret tip behind the well-known restaurant that they use to make burgers, sausage, and even meatballs. Though we don’t know their secret, fresh ground meat is indeed the main base that you can do at home easily.

image - How to Grind Meat at Home | You Should know Everything
How to Grind Meat at Home | You Should know Everything

Well! How to grind meat at home, let’s move on and know it properly and enjoy the same texture, same flavor, and the same taste just like a restaurant at home.

Read on and learn how to grind meat at home.

Why Grind Meat at Home?

With ground meat of pork, turkey, or chicken so readily available that you would wonder why you grind meat at home. We realize that! Grinding meat allows you to find picky about cuts that your use, and if you fancy yourself a real gourmand, you can blend various types of the cut, making the proper blend to make homemade meatballs sausage, especially for burgers.

Grinding meat at home can save you valuable money. If you know how to grind meat at home with proper processing to get ground meat, you would be able to achieve a treaty by grinding the meat yourself.

How to Grind Meat at Home

For grinding meat at home, you must have some tools and devices that will you grinding your own beef. You need whole beef, pork, chicken, or lamb from the butcher and the best meat grinder for deeronly. You can then follow the next step one by one that helps you get fresh meat ground to make a hamburger.

Cut Meat Chuck in Cubes

Take your favorite beef and cut them into 3-inches long and about ¾-inch thick. The narrow piece is the best than cubes because they can feed smoothly by the meat grinder and make sure the way goes, and the meats continue cold.

Make Colder the Meat Cubes

Chilly the flooring meat on a baking sheet for about 30-minutes. And it helps to hold it in the right shape and keeps it firm to go into the grinder quickly. Start with semi-frozen meat, and it is better from a food safety standpoint.

Freeze Grinding Tools

Freeze the blade, grinding plat, rotating (grind worm), and other parts that need to cut the meat. It makes the machine ready to make ground meat properly.


Now get out the grinder tools from the freeze and assembled them with the coarse grinding plate. Set the medium bowl in a larger bowl of frost into the meat grinder to hold the meat to keep cold.

If you plan to grind a lump of large beef, you need to keep a room in the freezer, and you should store those parts into the freeze all the time.

Start Grinding

Turn the mixer on and push the meat into the grinder. To complete this job, track the commands for the mixer as much as what speed to use. Use the food peddler and squash the meat into the hopper. You can mix the raw garlic, onions, herbs, and other ingredients that you want to add.

But keep in mind; you have not to add any salt yet. Add the salt at the ending point, and it is best to taste the flavor properly. Don’t push the stick fingers, toes, or other body parts of the chicken into the hopper. Before starting grinding the meat, if your hair is longer, tie your hair or stow it into the hat properly.

Coarsely Grind

Now you should set the mixer to medium speed. Pass the meat strips and seasoning by the feeding tube. Then fold up it softly and mix and then refrigerate the meat when you bring together the grinder with standard to the very well grinding plate.

Finely Grind

Regrind the meat by the medium to fine grinding plate depending on what types of results you want—gradually rain the coarse meat into the feeding tube and presses with the food pusher as needed. And stop here to grind the meat for burgers and meatballs or sausages.


For receiving fine sausage and squeeze ground meat into the mixer’s freezing bowl fitted with the frozen paddle addition on standard, speed, and scratch down sides of the bowl at first 30-35-seconds till the meat is tacky with coating sides of the bowl for 3-4 minutes.

Final Thoughts!

WE hope you have enjoyed this how-to grind meat at home yourself just like a professional chef and enjoy meatball, hamburger, or sausage at home just like restaurant taste, flavor, and texture easily.

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