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How to Make Office Chair More Comfortable

If you are a person who spends most of his day time sitting on his office chair, then you must read this article. For an office person, working in a sound and comfortable environment is compulsory.

The chair must be comfortable and relax. In this way, the chances of getting back pain are meager. If your office chair is not comfy and you are thinking about replacement or buying a new office chair.

image - How to Make Office Chair More Comfortable
How to Make Office Chair More Comfortable

Before replacing it read this article, here are some amazing tips for the adjustment of the chair that will make your office chair comfortable and relax.

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Sitting Posture

Most people don’t know the proper way of sitting on a chair. It is essential to know the right method and manner of sitting on the chair.

Bad sitting posture affects your body and especially your back, even though your chair is perfectly comfortable. However, if you do not sit appropriately, you can get back pain.

Here are some tips for sitting on the chair properly. Try to sit straight, and your feet must be on the ground. Proper sitting posture will enable you to focus more on your work, and it will have a positive effect on your body.

A product Better Pack will assist you in getting and adjusting your sitting posture correctly. This product was design to correct bad slouching habits for years. It will give you a better posture for sitting.

Adopting a better stance for sitting will provide you with a comfortable sitting and will enable you to focus more on your work.

Adjust the Chair

If you are using an office chair that is quite old, it is necessary to adjust it before sitting on it and starting your work. The adjustment will take a few minutes but will make the chair comfortable for a long time.

Before sitting on the seat, adjust the chair’s height, chair’s back, and arms according to your sitting posture.

Daily usage can change the chair’s adjustment, and the result is that you will get tired quickly because you’re sitting is not comfortable. Uncreatable sitting will not allow you to concentrate more on your work.

In the market varieties of chairs are available. Some chairs can fold up for a long time like Herman Miller Embody.

These chairs are the top ergonomic chairs that can last for an extended period. For the best ergonomic, you can check these best office chair under 200 list.

Use a Back Support Device

If you are suffering from back pain, a lumbar back supporter will help in reducing your back pain by providing you with a comfortable sitting. A lumbar back supporter will support the curvatures of your back when you are in the sitting position.

For additional support, there is inbuilt lumbar support in high-end office chairs. Suppose you are thinking about the replacement of your office chair because of back pain.

Instead of replacing the chair, buy a lumber supporter, it will help you amazingly.

The top lumber supporter is Everlasting Comfort. It is highly rated. Its design is well manufactured orthopedically to give relief from lower back pain.

This lumber supporter’s back foam is design medically to lower your back pain. It can be used on the office chairs and on the car seats.

A Footrest

A question arises: How can a footrest make your sitting comfortable? When you sit on the chair for work, and your feet are hanging, the real problem arises here.

Dangling feet for a long time will affect your body, your back, and especially your legs’ small nerves.

Ensure that when you are in a sitting posture, your feet must not be in a hanging position. Proper posture for your feet is compulsory when you are sitting.

Keep a footrest under your feet when you are sitting. It will help in maintaining proper blood circulation and will keep your back straight.

The well Desk footrest is the best option to make your sitting comfortable, and it will provide a proper posture to your feet.

The lumber supporter and footrest will have a very beneficial effect on your body. They will make your seating relaxed.

Adjustable Arms

Adjustable arms are very crucial to provide comfort. After sitting on the chair, if your shoulder muscles get tight, it means that the components of your seat need adjustment.

A lot of people ignore the fact that uncomfortable arms of chairs can give your shoulder pain.

If the chair you are using does not have an adjustable armrest, you can add flexible.  The adjustable arm will enable you to set the height of the arms according to your sitting posture.

The adjustment will take a few minutes, but it will provide comfy.

Adjust the Table

If you are adjusting your chair continuously and the comfort level is zero. Then try to accommodate the table. Sometimes the problem is with the office table, not with the chair.

The standard desk height is 29-inch. It can be too tall or too short for some people depending on the size.

Try to make changes and the posture and then adopt those changes that provide you comfort. Adjust the height of the table according to the types of projects on which you are working.

You can get an adjustable standing desk converter. Varidesk is a well-known brand for providing the best standing desk converter.

When you switch between the sitting and standing positions, it will keep you active and fill your body with energy.

A New Chair

The methods mentioned above are the best ones that can make your chair comfortable. However, if you have tried all the tips and techniques of adjustment and the problem is still there, you need to replace your old chair.

Buying a new chair will cost you, but it will provide you with comfortable seating. It will have a positive effect on your body posture and will save you from severe back pain.

Instead of spending dollars on back pain medication, spend your dollar on getting a new comfortable chair.

High-end ergonomic chairs will be expensive, but it will be super comfy. It will make your back straight and allow healthy blood circulation throughout the body.


In a nutshell, it concludes that your office chair must be super comfortable. It will have a good effect on your health and your back. When you are comfortable while doing your office work, more ideas will flourish in your mind, and your productivity and creativity level will be high.

So your office chair must be comfortable. I hope that the tips as mentioned above of adjustment will help you in making your office chair relaxing.

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