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3 Tips on How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger

The bathroom is not just the place where you take care of your personal hygiene, it’s also a place where you relax. And no one can relax in a tiny place where he’s barely able to move.

3 Tips on How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger
How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger

3 Tips on How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger

Because of its primary role (hygiene, that is) every bathroom needs the same essentials – the toilet, the sink and faucet, and a shower or bathing area. These things need to fit in no matter how small space is, leaving you with – close to nothing.

But before you tear down your walls and plunge into an ordeal of replacing installations, you should know that the size is also a matter of perception. What looks bigger becomes bigger. What you need are more visual square inches.

Optical tricks are nothing new and their place is not just in front of the camera. In other words, all you need to do is a fairly quick and reasonably priced makeover. So, pick up your bathroom refurb supplies and we’ll lead the way.

  1. Floating Castle

If you want to make your bathroom look bigger one thing you can do is to make it lighter. If you create a sense of floating everyone who steps in will have the feeling of being in an airy room filled with clouds, suggesting an infinite space. And all you have to do to achieve this sensation is to use lots of white colors. And we do mean lots of – white paint, white vanity, white tiles, etc.

Every bathroom usually already has a number of white fixtures (toilet, tub, sink, etc.) and painting other surfaces the same creates a smooth and continuous look, resulting in the airy feel of the whole space, additionally enlarged by the reflection of available light.

But using lots of white can sometimes be tricky – you can easily achieve the unwanted sterile or chilly look. The trick is not to take away the character from your bathroom.  You can easily take care of this problem by using different textures – tile or pale stone, molding, and don’t be afraid to add a touch of wood or metallic. This won’t ruin the seamless look, but it will definitely add some richness.

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If you’re still not sure about going ‘all white’ – you don’t have to. To achieve that airy look you just need to make sure not to chop up space visually, so you need to keep away from the light-dark combination that will certainly make it smaller. But don’t worry, as long as you go tone-on-tone you can use soft grays, warm beige, even some faint hues like powder blue.  The room will still be breezy with a more spa-like look, just blend in the tiles with the wall color. The whole point is to evade any visual brakes that will shrink the viewer’s perception.

And don’t forget to match the ceiling. Latest trends tell you to paint the ceiling in a different color (especially a dark one), but that makes it look low. What you should do is make it even a shade lighter, because it always looks a bit darker than the walls.

Floating Castle - How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger
Floating Castle (3 Tips on How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger)
  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Putting big mirrors in small rooms really creates a magical effect, just like in a fairy tales. Especially if you get a large mirror installed behind your sink that goes all the way to the ceiling. Yes, a large mirror can be a bit pricey, but not if you compare it to the price of tiling that wall, and it will let you lift your ceiling without the need to raise the roof.

If you install lighting on top of it (or make it hanging in front of it) it will double its impact and make space really grow. Pick a breathtaking frame or put a custom-sized piece from wall to wall. Just make sure you don’t use double mirrors, even if you have two sinks side by side because it will chop up space.

Don’t confine yourself only to the glass that reflects your image. Installing a glass panel or door instead of your shower curtain will definitely open up space from inside out and vice versa. Shower curtains inevitably form a kind of visual wall even when they’re open, and if you’re worried about your privacy you can simply use tinted or frosted glass panel. The light will still be able to filter through and that is the whole point.

Mirror on the Wall - 3 Tips on How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger
Mirror on the Wall (How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger)
  1. Traveling Light

All things described above are there to allow the light to travel freely through your ‛floating castle’, making it brighter and thus bigger. We’ve already taken care of the colors and have strategically positioned the mirrors. But in order to let the light shine, you need to have it, first.

Bathrooms usually need good lighting for the very nature of actions performed there (cleaning the makeup, for example), but people are often satisfied with one or two light sources. That is the worst thing you can do because shadows will literally swallow the place up and make all your efforts evaporate. That’s why your light needs to be rich and multiple light sources are mandatory.

But nothing expands the space like natural light, not to talk about its better quality and visual appeal. Windows can open up a question of privacy again if you’re living on a ground floor, but not if you cover them translucent shade. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows nor a place for them, you can always go for a skylight.

There you have it. You’re in the middle of the floating sensation, bathed in light. Just like in a dream. And we all know that dreams don’t have boundaries.

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